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Nature Field Trip

No description

Venus Lo

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Nature Field Trip

Nature Field Trip Concept
We chose a butterfly to resemble Mother Nature because of its beauty and intricate designs.
The patterns portray different aspects of nature’s beauty
Our concept was to use positive and negative space
to emphasize it’s pattern. Mother Nature presented through a butterfly's complex patterns.
Butterflies always fascinated me because of its mesmerizing patterns—we thought it would be a great way to portray nature’s beauty in various ways. inspiration why we chose it We wanted to do a large scale project that can show the beauty and strength of nature.
Through the butterfly’s complex patterns, we were able to show all aspects of beauty in various ways.
(E.g.: rocks to show strength, sand to show fluidity and versatility.)

Butterfly composed of rocks, sand, and leaves.

Rocks: shows strength of nature and the strength of beauty

Leaves: Intricate designs and patterns that resembles life and growth.

Sand: Resembles the fluidity and versatility of nature. Elements

Caterpillar with butterfly wings show growth and cycle of life
Birth: Caterpillar

Growth: Butterfly

Death: Burial of jellyfish Original concept/idea
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