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Marketing Opportunities with Gary Lewis Outdoors

Option A

Alyssa Lane

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of Marketing Opportunities with Gary Lewis Outdoors

What Our Marketing Partners Have to Say
Marketing Opportunities
With Gary Lewis

What is Gary Lewis Outdoors?
Gary Lewis Outdoors is a multimedia solution including television, radio programs, newspaper and magazine features, social media, a website, and numerous published books.
By using these designed mediums advertisers can engage and interact with an enthusiastic customer base, providing ideas and inspiration for their outdoor pursuits through the many marketing plans we offer.
Gary Lewis Outdoors, through the mediums of television, radio, newspaper, magazine, personal appearances, and social media
reaches the most enthusiastic types of outdoorsmen - hunters and fisherman.

It takes a certain finesse to craft a television show that compels the broadcast viewer to tune in each week. Gary Lewis' Frontier Unlimited is a show that weaves a tale in the context of hunting and fishing. Lewis' style was honed in the newspaper business and on the pages of sporting journals. His love of the language, his love of the hunt and keen interest in culture flows in each current of the story.
In every 30-minute episode, award-winning storyteller Gary Lewis brings his innate sense of wonder and curiosity to the screen.
The talent behind the scenes is the founder of Hillshadow Pictures, Sam Pyke, a storyteller in the visual medium.
His work is characterized by time-lapse photography, thoughtful angles, underwater photography and a sense of the individual.
Through his work on the show and in his own rugged style, Pyke has become a do-it-yourself hunter and angler with an enthusiasm for historic firearms, accurate rifles and the backcountry. His reward has come in the early recognition of his work with awards from the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association.

"I’ve never forgotten the wonder of the chase, of nature in the raw. It fuels the pursuit of the story, whether we are in the wilderness of Alaska, in the African bush, on the slopes in New Zealand or hunting and fishing my home state of Oregon. Television gives us another way to tell the stories of people, ghost towns, backcountry and life in the wild in the context of the chase."
Gary Lewis
By advertising with
Frontier Unlimited
your company can position their products with the source of outdoor expertise your primary demographic already trusts. As an inspiration and resource for those who enjoy hunting and fishing in the Pacific Northwest Gary Lewis can bring a personable and respectable voice to your company's products.
With a world wide distribution and omniverse streaming, advertising with Frontier Unlimited can open up new markets while still focusing on the prime demographic of outdoor enthusiasts.
"Today my greatest delights are introducing young people to the outdoors and spinning tales from the world's great hunting destinations." Gary Lewis
The Reach of Walk TV
In the United States
54 Million Homes
183 Million Homes
Streaming Online
Available Using
Seen On Demand
Film On
AMG Television
Our Advertising Options with
Frontier Unlimited
Product Information Commercials
With the choice between 30 to 60 seconds these sessions range from $1050 to $1800 a month. With the choice of sending a self produced commercial from your company or having it produced by our production team.
Product Placement within the show is also available upon request and can vary in price and length after discussing a contract with Gary Lewis.
To see an example you can stream a show on our website at this link:
Advertising Opportunities on GaryLewisOutdoors.com
This informational website is well designed tool for outdoor enthusiasts. Including professional gear reviews by Gary Lewis, this site also includes recommended hunting and fishing locations, a blog on worldwide adventures, and a store to buy his publications.
This site generates 8,000 monthly visits, as well as 600 subscribers to our bimonthly e-newsletter. To advertise on this site you can choose between a Gear Review on your products, a banner advertisement within the site, and/or a banner advertisement on the e-newsletter. Pricing varies per request to receive a quote please contact our team with a proposal.
Banner Example
How did we build such a loyal following?
Gary Lewis Outdoors Facebook Page has 2,192 Likes and has a growth rate of 15% new page likes per week.
Our Instagram has 2,333 followers
Our Twitter handle @garylewisOR has 2,764 followers and 80 favorites
Because with scenes this beautiful everyone wants to share.
Why Gary Lewis is the perfect outdoorsman to represent your company.....

Lewis is not only the host of Frontier Unlimited, but also the author of 15 books.
Titles include:
Fishing Mount Hood Country,
A Bear Hunter's Guide to the Universe,
Gary Lewis’s Hunting Oregon,
Oregon Lake Maps and Fishing Guide,
Idaho River Maps and Fishing Guide,
John Nosler – Going Ballistic,
Deer Hunting Tactics for Today’s Big Game Hunter,
Freshwater Fishing Oregon & Washington,
Sun Publishing’s Hunting Oregon.

Twenty-one years ago, I set out to make a living with words, to tell the stories of adventure that inspire others to experience life lived to the fullest.
In that time, I have published 2,000 newspaper and magazine articles, 15 books and hosted dozens of TV episodes."

Gary Lewis is a columnist for The Bend Bulletin, a Contributing Editor for Successful Hunter magazine and a humor columnist for Bear Hunting magazine and a regular contributor for many other magazines and newspapers.Lewis has penned over 2,000 newspaper and magazine articles. His credits include Sports Afield, Rifle, Successful Hunter, African Hunting Gazette, Covey Rise, Cabela's Outfitter Journal, Game & Fish and MDF.
Many of his books have won NOWA’s Excellence in Craft awards and he has received numerous awards for his newspaper columns and magazine articles.
What marketing options are available with Gary Lewis Outdoors?
To become a full marketing partner includes Gear Reviews on GaryLewisOutdoors.com, Product Placements in episodes of
Frontier Unlimited
, and one brand/product placement in each social media platform per month. This is a year long sponsorship that also includes a recommended brand area on the website while the contract is active. At $1200 a month this is our most developed multimedia marketing solution.
Frontier Unlimited
Advertising includes product information commercials: With the choice between 30 to 60 seconds these sessions range from $1500 to $3000 a month. With the choice of sending a self produced commercial from your company or having it produced by our production team. Or the choice of product placement within an episode.
Our GaryLewisOutdoors.com advertisement options include a Gear Review on your products, a banner advertisement within the site, and/or a banner advertisement on the e-newsletter. Pricing varies per request to receive a quote please contact our team with a proposal.
To Request a Quote or More Information please use this contact form and we will get back to you shortly http://www.garylewisoutdoors.com/contact/
Due to Gary Lewis' broad, multi-media coverage in both TV and print, I have received approximately 15 phone calls/inquiries resulting in 10 booked trips, many multi-day, for 2009 and 2010 seasons. The result has been greater than a 10% boost in my business. I was thrilled to find Gary’s coverage also resulted in broader market exposure outside Oregon and Northern California. My website saw significant spikes in traffic each time an article was published or TV show broadcast. Several referrals came by word of mouth from people who never read or saw Gary's articles and TV shows, but were told about them from a friend. This was especially the case with the Bend newspaper story. After talking with many referrals, there is no question that Gary Lewis is a respected and trusted source of information for anglers. I fully anticipate continued referrals generated by Gary's coverage going into 2010.

-Craig Schuhmann, Fishing Guide

Hey Gary, Nice talking with you the other day. Brent is working on your pictures and I have to thank you. Yesterday a guy called from Texas and said that he read your article in the "bird report." Moments later the deal was done and he is coming to Canada this spring with three other hunters. Thanks a lot it really works and I don't even know what the bird report is or says. Best regards.

-Sykes Mitchell, Living Sky Outfitters, Sisters, OR and Saskatchewan

Hey Gary, Because you hunted bear with us in 2008 and wrote several articles and a newspaper story, in 2009, all our clients came from referrals from your articles. Come back and let's do a TV show.

-Andrew Gregory, Deadwood Industries, CA

Gary, Thanks for doing that segment with us in the Flyfishing Central Oregon DVD. We use it at all the shows and run it in the shop. It tells the story of the excitement of our Upper Klamath River trips better than we can.

-Jenifer Roe, Roe Outfitters, Klamath Falls, OR
Gary Lewis Outdoor Social Media Campaign
Lewis contributed to the fifth edition of
Fishing Central Oregon and Beyond.
coauthored Creative Publishing International’s
Black Bear Hunting
with Lee Van Tassell.
In 2008, CPI published Lewis’
The Complete Guide to Hunting and Trout Fishing in the Pacific Northwest.
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