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Electricity in Australia! (Inquiry)

Here is my ERP presentation! I hope you enjoy it!

Jay Lentini

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Electricity in Australia! (Inquiry)

Electricity in Australia! (ERP)
By Jay Lentini
Q.When did it first arrive here?
Queensland was the very first state in Australia to get electricity in 1888. Queensland had the first street lighting in towns and this was quickly followed by Penrith, Moss vale, Broken Hill and Redfern.

Melbourne was the first state in Australia to build and operate a power station. By 1894, most cities had electric lights!
Q.How has it changed the way we live?
Electricity has changed the way we live in so many different ways. Having electricity has changed the way people live in their homes and the way that they work. Before electricity, people had to use lanterns with kerosene (which is a light fuel oil) to see at night. Children developed bad eyesight from studying using the dim light. Families were poor and had to conserve the kerosene. So many people went to bed very early and did not socialize.

Electricity has given people the opportunity to stay homes and watch television, do homework, cook on electric stoves, turn the power on and off whenever they please.
Q.What would Australia look like now...
Q.Who is the person that created electricity?
This Man
'Michael Faraday'

Here is a fun fact!

In the year of 1821, he showed that magnetism, which was created by an electric current would set a magnet in motion. This creation was the simpler version of the electric motors that are used to this day!
Before electricity...
Australia looked like this!
Thanks for watching!
This is a comment from ask.com
...with no electricity?
...more info
Before I end this presentation I would like to show you some links to the sources from websites I have used for my presentation, but be warned, some information may have changed.
1. http://www.10-facts-about.com/Michael-Faraday/id/334
2. www.wiki.answers.com/Q/Who_invented_electricity#page2
3. www.ask.com/question/how-electricity-changed-the-way-we-live
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