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art assignment activity 2

No description

Carla Rottura

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of art assignment activity 2

Textiles Crafts/ Technique King Henry's robe Linden Lancaster's -
The Lifegiver · Jewels attached to the garment
· Braiding around the rim of the hat
· Leather fur on the coat
· Frill around the cuffs
· Fur vest
· Embroidery near the hands
· Vest with slits and under
pulled through for decorative
· Leather gloves in hand
· Black gems in middle of vest,
on arms and
on thin piece of fabric hung across
the neck
· Pearls on fabric hung across the neck
· Beading on the hat · Warm and cold colours
both applied
through he piece
· Embroidery throughout
the piece
· Layers of different textiles
techniques · Applique to different features
· Dieing to background
· Machine embroidery
through the leaves
· Patchwork
· Hand embroidery around the
borders of the messages
· Warm and cold colours applied
over the quilt
· Pictures of animals appliquéd on
· Pictures of nature appliquéd on
· Machine embroidery in the
· Fabric painting applied on
the tree on the right By Carla Rottura
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