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Welcome to Chemistry!

No description

Rachel Matthews

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Welcome to Chemistry!

My name is Rachel Matthews, but I go by Ms. Matthews
About Your Teacher!
Basic Info!
Chicago Blackhawks Team Emblem ^
Some of my favorite things are:

The best test prep book you can buy!
When I grow up
School Goals
My parents' medical school
About My Family
Welcome to Chemistry!
18 August 2014
This is one of my students from Chicago!
Where am I from? Where do I live?
Internet Questions!
Email address?

This subject is..
About Me in Schools!
My birthday is September 20th!
Book? Great Gatsby

Subject? Science

Teacher? My old history teacher, Mr. Lyons

Food? Macaroni and Cheese

Snacks? Cheez It Party Mix

Sport? HOCKEY! Blackhawks!

Thing to do in Free Time? Dance
My two best friends are named Jake and Martin

If you like advertising or politics, let me know so they can talk to you about it!
My mom's name is Kathryn and she's a doctor
My dad is named Bill and he is a pharmaceutical molecular biologist
Grandma (Guardian)
My grandma is named Inez. She doesn't work anymore--she stayed home to raise me
My stepdad is named Scott and he worked with Dell computers and other technology companies
My stepmom is named Tanum and she does marketing for a pharmaceutical company
I just moved here from Chicago! I lived there the last two years
My roommate!
I live with my roommate Rahim! He works for a digital media arts lab and works on advertising
Computer at Home?
Internet Access at Home?
Sure do!
I have internet if you ever need to email me after school!
The three things you should know about me
The clubs/sports I want to participate in are..
I want to be a principal
I am stubborn
I am going to make you word extremely hard
I am there for you!
ACT club
Dance team or cheer team
Anything Science Related
I learn best from teachers that...
I struggle to learn from teachers that...
This year I hope to...
Take the time to explain using hands-on methods
Don't pay attention to the questions I ask
See 100% of you grow 3 points on your ACT, do lots of experiments, and have a fun time learning Chemistry together!
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