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The differences between life now and in Victorian times

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Thomas Battersea

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of The differences between life now and in Victorian times

The differences between life now and in Victorian times
Communication was also vital during the Victorian era. In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell is famous for yelling the following into his early telephone"Watson, come here! I want to see you!" Watson, for your information, was his assistant in the next room. Nowadays we can call people on the other side of the globe! And also think about this for a moment. In the Victorian era only the wealthy could afford to have a telephone. Today almost every home has a phone. For music the Victorians could go to the music hall. It was only 'till the later Victorian era that the gramophone was invented. The gramophone was created by Emile Berliner. It's discs were first marketed in 1889, but only in Europe. They were 5 inches in diameter ( which is roughly equal to 13 centimeters!) These disks were played on a small hand-propelled machine.
School in the Victorian times were a lot harder. The children then were just told stuff. Now we have to learn for our selves. They would give children cruel punishments: getting caned, put in the stocks and being raised into the cage.
The Conclusion
Victorian England was a very difficult place to survive in. Think about the boats they had then. It would take them ages to get places, unlike today, where we can get to our destination in much less time. And did you know that the sewerage system they developed is the same one we use today! There are many differences between now and the Victorian times. But there also many similarities. We have chosen to present this to you through the idea
of inventions. We hope you have enjoyed this Prezi!

Will and Matias.
New inventions during the Victorian era made an enormous impact on society. Transport was further developed, along with communications. Things they invented or adapted still serve us today!
Thank you for watching this Prezi!

Designed by: William Hitchcock and Matias Kerschen
Transport helped the Victorians in many ways. Some examples are the adaptions of the paddle-boat and the train. There was also the creation of the penny-farthing, a type of early bicycle.
The Subway
In 1863 the world's first underground railway opens here in London! The underground changed the lives of millions of people and let people work in different parts of London than they lived. Think about life today without the Tube. It was vital to them, and that's the same for us.
The paddle-boat
The paddle-boat helped the Victorians to trade with far off countries like India. It also helped them to go places! Isembard Kingdom Brunel was one of the greatest boat designers of his time. He was the the designer for the Great Britain and the Great Eastern. The Great Eastern laid a communications cable from England to America. 28 days after it was laid, it collapsed into the Atlantic Ocean!
Communication and Music
The Great Stink
Living conditions for most people during Victorian times were a lot worse than they are now. By the 1890's one third of Londoners lived in poverty. London didn't have good enough housing and clean water for its super-massive population. This brought lots of deadly sickness like:
The deadly River Thames flowed through London like an open sewer. This crisis was known as the Great Stink. Reformers tried to improve the terrible living and working conditions for the poor. The government took control of the sanitation, welfare and housing. With the help of the new sewerage system London became a cleaner and healthier place to live.
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