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Kate Reynolds

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Question

Throughout my project I have gathered audience feedback which has helped me, when making and improving my products

The audience feedback I have received overall has been very helpful in helping my improve my products, which has made them even better, which I have been gathering and using throughout my products during different tasks.
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Over my project I have gained feedback using different programs and websites, some including:
The first bit of feedback me and my group got was when we made a prezi of our music video ideas which we pitched to the rest of our class, The feedback we got overall was positive and the audience thought it would all go well with our chosen song and genre. They all also agreed it sounded interesting and would promote our digipak which is the purpose/target of the project. However they weren't sure how we were going to portray our concept in our music video, so told us we need to rethink through that
What have you learnt from your audience feedback?
I got audience feedback on the first finished rough cut of our music video. We filmed the audiences responses so that we could look back at it and make amendments from it. One big change we made from this feedback is cutting out the narrative parts as they confused the audience.
For my print products I got independent feedback. I got feedback while I was designing My print products, so i could improve.
Final Rough Cut
This audience feedback we filmed here was very informative and helpful as it helped us as a group make the decision of whether to have only two locations, and we decided to only have two.
I was going to video my audience feedback again for this, But I couldn't find a working camera. So I created a question sheet and got my audience to fill them in, so they could help with improvements.
First Rough Cut
This feedback helped me chose with images to chose and not to choose. Also to check that it did appeal for my chosen genre.
I blogged to show my and explain my audience feedback that I got
Finally the most important feedback that I have gained is the overall feedback for my print products as a whole.
I did this my creating a closed facebook group so I could ask people who had not seen my work, so they could say what they think of my final digipak
How has the audience been effected by the text?
According to the cultural studies approach of analysing audience feedback there are three way in which in which an audience might read a text:
Preferred,negotiated or oppositional
All of the audience in my feedback for my promotional package a preferred reading for the final cut of the music video showing that the audience recognized the relationship between the girl and boy and understood how the relationship was a rubbish one and shes not happy but she doesn't want it to end. Examples of this preferred reading (first question)
This shows that the filters and way we arranged the clips was effective as the audience understood and were able to go into depth about what happened between the couple. This is a prime example of the hypodermic needle model.
Does the mise-en-scene work for the genre?
When creating my products I had to take into deep consideration if my mise-en-scene I had chosen worked with my chosen genre
Overall my audience was pleased with my choices e.g. colours, locations, costumes etc. They expressed this in a preferred way, expressing that they liked my house style which is a big aspect in my promotional package. (Shown in answers 8,5 & 2)
How does the construction of the artist affect the audience?
When constructing my star image my aim was to make her share similar qualities to those in my chosen genre eg. down to earth, friendly etc.
However from the quantitative data I collected for question 6, my audience did not answer this question, their views of her expression was still positive.
Has my audience used their cultural capital when speaking about my work?
when commenting on my work my audience has expressed educated views of what they thought of my promotional package, when speaking in terms of mise-en-scene and coherence. Being able to identifies these different aspects of my product demonstrates their level of knowledge.
My audiences cultural capital it so they can can tell generic conventions (such as colour scheme) of my chosen genre. which they express and talk in full, which showed they have comprehended my work to the fullest. (shown in questions 9, 8 & 2)
What sort of pleasure are being offered by my promotional package?
From my products my audience expressed that my work was pleasing,which they enjoyed. This pleasure for appearance was expressed through aspects of my print work such as colour scheme.
From my feedback people have commented saying my products look lke already existing ones, which the audience were pleased about as my work kept to the generic convention of their product but also their genre.
overall the audience was happy with my work! ( shown in answers 3, 5 & 6)
What have I learnt from my audience feedback?
I feel that I have learnt quite a lot from my audience feedback of what works and what I should consider changing, Examples of this is:
. The audience thought it looked professional and realistic.
. The audience thought my Lip syncing was out in a few places so I could improve that.
. My audience feedback thought I'd portrayed my chosen genre very well
.They said I showed coherence throughout all my digipak which was very effective
.Most said my products looked like existing ones you'd see in a shop showing I have succeeded in the marketing aspect of my projects
What would I do Differently if I had to redo the project again?
If I had to do this task again I would consider adding more plot to the music video as my target audience suggested doing.

I would take more time to film scenes and film a bigger variety of shots and focus of my research and planning again so I could focus on my genres stereotypical camera shots

I would also allow more time for the project, I would manage my time better. I felt like I spent to much time on my music video and rushed my print work.
Finally I would consider some more locations to make my music video more interesting.

However overall I am very happy with my promotional package.
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