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craig kielburger

free the children me to we

harkamal saran

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of craig kielburger

Made by: Harkamal, Karnveer and Nevin Craig Kielburger A Child Hero By:Karnveer, Nevin, and Harkamal Biography of kielburger born December 17, 1982 (age29)
From Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
He is Canadian Key Accomplishments Started Free The Children at the age of 12
Made 400 schools around the world
35,000 kids around the world got education Quotes "The change starts within each one of us. And ends only when all children are free to be children" 1. "Kids have to be tought to survive on the streets of Kathmandu, where older gang members often beat and rob them. They face cold winters, hunger, homelessness, and unsympathetic police. But under each hardened shell there is still a child." 2. 5. So What did he do? 4. 3. What Craig Kielburger did was that he started a oganization called Free the children and Me to We
He also is fighting for child rights and to stop child labour When and where was he born? Now the questions! What has Craig Kielburger done for not only us
but for people around the world?

If you were in his shoes will you be
able to do what he has done? Now for a video Key Results He gave the children that were held for child labor, the rights to be free. Because of this, he has made a huge impact on child labor. Thank you for wathing Ms. Mustafa GLS,HRM 302 the end?
well not just yet... how did he start? When Craig Kielburger was just 12 years old he read a newspaper article about another 12 year old "Iqbal Masih" that was murdered. Because of this he had a dream someday that he'll stop child labor. two years later, already making the group "free the children" he traveled around the world speaking about child labor. Even now after 17 years later Kielburger goes all around the world to help kids in need and gives justice to kids like Iqbal. Bonus Title
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