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Mathuran Sadagopan

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Rabies

Origins of Rabies
What is Rabies
rabies is a viral disease
is the disease know for getting dogs mad and froth
also know as hydrophobia and aerophobia
rabies is zoonotic meaning it can be carried from species to species (only mammals)
this disease is preventable
rabies is part of the Rhadoviridae family
the virus is 180nm long and 75nm wide
the virus rabies is in the shape of a bullet
2300 BC
Babylonian city of Eshnunna fined owner of dogs when someone died of a dog bite
rabies was also written about in the Codex of Eshnunna
800-700 BC
Homer likens Hector to a ''raging dog'' in an old greek greek poem. He writes about how Sirius the dog star of Orion exerts an influence upon the health of mankind
400 BC
Aristotle wrote about dogs that suffered a madness that made them irritable and that all animals that they bit became infected too
by then they also had 2 gods for rabies
Arisaeus (son of Apollo) was to prevent rabies
and Artemis was the goddess of healing rabies
001-100 AD
rabies became wide spread across the Rome empire
people found out that the saliva itself of a rabid animal contained the virus
001-201 AD
guy named Celcus tried finding a cure ie; to sterilize wound
201-1198 AD
many people across the world started studying rabies
many people also tried finding remedies (but obviously failed)
1198-1789 AD
Rabies goes world wide.
Early Symptoms
of disease
early symptoms can begin within 3 weeks to 3 months
symptoms are often fever, vomiting and loss of appetite
sometime people will begin to salivate more and cry
once symptoms appear rabies is always fatal
mainly attacks the nervous system to get to brain
often there would be a painful pricking or burning sensation at the area of bite
Contraction of the Disease
transmitted through a bite, scratch broken skin or mucous membrane of an infected animal
rabies is zoonotic so any mammal can get it
virus is found mostly in saliva of infected animals
dogs are often the main host of rabies but bats are also a large host of rabies in U.S Canada and Australia
Theoretically transfer between human to human is possible. Also transfer of rabies through organ transplants have happened before.
there are 2 different types of rabies that could happen to your body
Furious Rabies
Paralytic Rabies
Rabies affects On Body
Derived from
rabies- Latin for madness
older rabhas- Sanskrit for violence
hydrophobia or sometimes aerophobia
pain in throat whenever drinking water which then develops into a muscle spasm
sight, sound or mention of water can trigger spasm
you become hyperactive and anxious
death by cardio-respiratory arrest
30% of victims get ''dumb'' rabies
bite site begins to paralyze
paralysis spread across body
muscle weakening
may get muscles spasm
at the end you die in a coma
In General
it has a near 100% mortality rate
uncontrollable movement
confusion and delirium
virus enter your nervous system then travels up to your brain
once at brain it causes inflammation
inflammation of brain causes encephalopathy
In the Cell
the virus first attaches to the surface protein
clings on to the protein and then sneaks in to cell
fuses with vesicle membrane
ribonucleocapsid (RNA) is released into the cytoplasm
replication of RNA used to reproduce new viron begins once there is enough neucleoprotein pieces to put together
virus then replicates
cell then releases new viron
there are no real cures to rabies
but sterilizing the wound at the moment of the bite could and very likely save you
so far our best treatment is to inject the vaccine and give immunoglobulin to the patient though this treatment is not very affective or affective at all
first two needles are in one week and the third needle after three weeks
though bites closer to the face makes rabies worse as it is closer to the brain
at the end you'll most likely die
Cures and Vaccines
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Where is it found?
But There is Hope!
The Milwakee Protocol
it is an experimental treatment so far
They first puts the patient into a chemically induced coma. Then while he or she is asleep they administer antiviral drugs
this treatment has been very promising so far as the first patient to have this treatment survived and also became one of the few people in the world to survive rabies without the vaccine
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