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Proposal of some kind

A new way to look at the way we do proposals.

Seth Edgar

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Proposal of some kind

Computer Proposal What we've accomplished Macintosh: $1500 Dell $600
HP: $900
Macintosh 3-Year Warranty
Harder to negotiate at server level
Plug and play
"It just works" Cheapest
2 Year Warranty
Not Plug and Play
Compatible with current servers
Video=doable but tricky Dell HP Midrange
2 Year Warranty
Server Compatible
Video works, but tricky
Built-in Webcams So how do we choose? Teacher usability
Classroom compatibility
Risk Factors So what's my recommendation? Computer Proposal You already know! So how do we start? Where we've been
What do we need?
What funds are available vbkvkh
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