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Fairy Tail

No description

couby cheng

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Fairy Tail

Important Facts About Fairy Tail Fairytail! Natsu Dragneel Main Characters Secondary Characters Wendy Marvell Other important Characters Master Makarov Who's your favourite character? Fairy Tail!!!!!!!!!!! Lucy Heartfilia Erza Scarlet Gray Fullbuster A first generation dragon
slayer that uses fire magic.
His foster father is Igneel, the fire dragon.
Dragon slayers are the only
wizards who can slay dragons. Acts inmature and reckless but is extremely loyal and protective. A celestial wizard: uses the 12 keys of
the gate that contains celestial spirits;
the 12 zodiacs. Also uses other keys that
contain spirits ( but not one of the 12
zodiacs). Very clever, caring and confident about her appearance. S-class mage of Fairy Tail
and uses requip magic; changes
her armor and weapons with
exceptional skill and speed. Strongest female wizard of Fairy Tail and is also known as Titania. Very well
contained, dependable and strict. She criticizes others of her guild which makes them apologize fearing they might evoke her wrath. Tough opponent
to battle and analyzes her opponent's
and environment's weaknesses with
exceptional speed. Many people depend on her during battles. A wizard that uses ice make magic.
Very laid back but can be serious. Has a habit of taking off his clothes due to his training when he was younger
and gets into friendly fights with Natsu all the time. Gajeel Redfox Happy Carla Panther Lily A first generation sky dragon slayer.
Originally in Caitshelter but later on
joined Fairy Tail. Looks up to Natsu
and her power enables her to do
healing magic and magic enhancement
as well. Very cute, shy and polite but quite capable in
battles. Her foster mom is Grandine the sky dragon. A first generation iron dragon slayer.
Originally from Phantom Lord but
joined Fairy Tail later on. Foster father
is Metalicana, the Iron Dragon. At first
he was cold and did not hesitate to
hurt members of his own guild. He later
on became more loyal and friendly. An Exceed from Edolas but was
sent to Earthland while he was
still an egg. Now he is Natsu's
partner as he was the one who
found the egg. Has no offensive
powers and loves to eat fish. Very
loyal to his teammates and has
lots of knowledge of the magic
world. Very quick-witted and cheeky. An Exceed from Edolas but was sent to Earthland as an egg. Now is the partner of Wendy. Finds out that she is the daughter of the Queen of Edolas. Strict and serious most of the time, rarely shows emotions. However, she becomes more open and friendlier towards other guild members. An Exceed from Edolas and was one
of the commanders of the royal army.
Can change to his battle form; a bigger
and muscular version of himself. Came
to Earthland after one of the battles Fairy Tail
had there and joined Fairy Tail. He is now
Gajeel's partner. He is grumpy and hates lightening and noisy people. Laxus Dreyar Mirajane Strausse Juvia Lockster Jellal Fernandes Elfman Strausse Cana Alberona Gildarts Clive Ultear Milkovich 3rd Master of Fairy Tail and one of
the ten great wizard saints. He loves
and believes in people and is extremely
strong as he is one of the ten great
wizard saints. He can also change into
a giant form. An S-class wizard of Fairy Tail
and is a model for Sorcerer
Magazine as well. In her younger
years, she was known as the
Demon and was very much feared.
(like Erza) However after her sister's
death, she is loving, caring and treats
everyone with kindness. Jellal was a member of the
Magic Council and was
possessed by Zeref. He
Mystogan, who is a member
of Fairy Tail. Jellal doesn't
belong to any guild but works
together with Ultear and Meldy
to try and make up for their
sins in the past. When he was young,
he was always cheerful and caring but
while being possessed by Zeref, he hurt
many people, even his friends. He is now
a calm and intelligent person. Loves Erza
but keeps his feelings mutual as he feels
that he doesn't deserve her. Was part of Lord Phantom and
one of the element four. She uses
water magic and is quite strong. She
is madly in love with Gray and is a
happy and calm person. However before
she joined Fairy Tail, she is shown with an
expressionless face. A S-class wizard of Fairy Tail and
the grandson of Master Makarov.
He is the second strongest wizard
of Fairy Tail and is a second generation
lightening dragon slayer. When he was
young, he was very kind and attached
to his grandfather and looked up to
Fairy Tail. As he grows up, he becomes
more arrogant and believes he is the
strongest and looks down to everyone
he considers weak. Has the potential to become an
S-class Wizard and is a heavy drinker
but never gets drunk no matter how
much she drinks. She is the daughter
of Gildarts and uses card magic. She
is very loyal to the guild and all the
members and stands up for her dreams.
She never goes down without a fight. Uses Take Over magic and is
the younger brother of Mirajane.
When he was younger, he was
shy and weak but as he matures,
he becomes more manly and says
"man" to portray himself. He is
strong-willed and is proud to be
part of Fairy Tail. He is very loving
and protective towards his sisters. A S-class wizard of Fairy Tail
and is the strongest member
of the guild. He uses disassembling
magic and is the father of Cana. He
is very warm-hearted and has great
faith in the younger generation of
Fairy Tail wizards. He is greatly
respected by everyone in the town. He has the tendency to break through wallsin order to walk through instead of just using the door. Once a member of the Magic
Council but was actually from
the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart
and was the leader of the Seven
Kin of Purgatory. She uses Ice Make
and Time Arc magic. She worked with
Zeref "Jellal"thinking that she would
bepowerful enough to travel back
in time to be with her mother.
She then realizes her mistakes for
thinking her mother abandoned her
and continues to work with Jellal
and Meldy to right her wrongs. At first
she is manipulative and ambitious and
truly evil however she becomes laid back
and easy going. Dragon Slayers First Generation Second Generation Third Generation Dragon Slayers that were trained
by a dragon when they were younger.
However all the dragons dissappeared
at the same time 14 years ago. The three
first generation Dragon Slayers in Fairy Tail
are Natsu, Wendy and Gajeel who are all part
of Fairy Tail. Dragon Slayers that were not
trained by dragons but have a
lacrima implanted in their bodies
to make them stronger. Two second
generation Dragon Slayers are Laxus
from Fairy Tail and Cobra from Oracion
Seis. Dragon Slayers that were trained by
dragons and have a lacrima implanted
in their bodies. Extremely powerful. Two
third generation Dragon Slayers are Sting
and Rogue from Sabertooth. All Dragon Slayers can kill
dragons and have motion sickness.
Their power recovers if they eat
whatever their power is. For example,
Natsu is a fire Dragon Slayer so his
power recovers if he eats fire. Also, they all have a partner who is an Exceed. Dark Guilds Balam Alliance Oracion Seis Grimoire Heart Tartaros Alliance between three
of the four most powerful
dark guilds. Cobra Brain/ Zero Racer Angel Hoteye Midnight Purhito/Hades Ultear Meldy Bluenote Azuma Rustyrose Caprico Zancrow Zoldeo Kain Other Dark Guilds Eisenwald Naked Mummy Death's Head Caucus Raven Tail Dark Unicorn Harpuia Ghoul Spirit Red Hood Guilds of Fiore Fairy Tail Lamia Scale Blue Pagasus Sabertooth Caitshelter Twilight Ogre Quatro Cerberus Mermaid Heel So who's you favourite
from Fairy Tail??
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