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American Sniper

No description

Miguel Camara

on 10 December 2015

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Transcript of American Sniper

American Sniper

Chris Kyle


Author's Approach
Favorite Chapter
Thanks For Listening!
I think the author's approach to his subject is mostly positive.
I say this because there are parts where he seems very enthusiastic about the war, and other parts where he is angry. There are many examples in the book where he is enthusiastic. On p.77, right after U.S. planes destroyed some insurgents, Mr. Kyle says "F**k...this is great. I f**king love this. It's nerve wracking and exciting and I f**king love it". There are only a few examples in the book where he is negative about his time in the war. This particular example takes place after Kyle's team was called back from deployment, on p.91: "I was pretty pissed. In fact, I was so mad I wanted to leave the Navy, and give up being a SEAL".
This book was easier to read than the

book I chose for the first quarter
Black Hawk Down
. In

, the war 'slang' is explained, so I am less confused about what is going on. This book also has more of a personal touch to it; Black Hawk Down was more just fact after fact after fact, there was no emotion to it. This is how this book was easier to read than my first quarter book.
Reading the first half of this book,
American Sniper
, made me realize 2 things. The first of these two is that the late
Chris Kyle really deserves the honors that he has received
; the story that he wrote shows that he has served his country well.
The second is that the training and work put into becoming a SEAL is a lot harder than what is commonly believed.
The story shows that soldiers go through a lot to become the respected men and women we know today.
In this book, many of the chapters are fun to read and interesting. Out of all these chapters,
my favorite chapter was 'Jackhammered'
. This was my favorite chapter because it showed how hard he had to work in order to pass his ultimate test: Hell Week. This chapter also, in a way, demonstrates life; you have to work hard to pass the ultimate judgement: Heaven or Hell.
If you get the chance, read
American Sniper
, its a great book!
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