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The Shining

No description

Autumn Sherstad

on 23 April 2013

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Transcript of The Shining

The Shining The Torrance family were caretakers of the Overlook Hotel for the winter. This hotel had a history of murder. The family starts to feel effects from the hotel and a supernatural presence. The hotel becomes an overt version of the family's own anger and emotional issues. Grady Diagnosis Symptoms of schizoid personality disorder: Detachment from social relationships, and limitless expression of emotion Treatment Jack Jack Torrance is the main character of the flim, he is the husband of Wendy Torrance, and the father of Danny Torrance. He is a recovering alcholic and he is the one who accepts the job at the Overlook Hotel causing his family to relocate there. Jack Torrance is the character who is most affected by the supernatural occurrances in the hotel. Diagnosis Grady suffers from a personality disorder known as paranoid personality disorder or PPD. This disorder is common in men and usually appears in early adulthood.
People with PPD:
. Have a constant suspicion and mistrust of others without probable cause.
. Believe that others are deceitful and are continuously trying to demean or harm them.
. Are unforgiving and hold grudges.
. Are doubtful of the commitment and loyalty of others.
. Are hostile, stubborn, and argumentative
. Are generally cold and distant in their relationships with others, and may become controlling. Treatment Antipsychotic drugs

Congitive-behavioral therapy Vaneisha, Victoria, Autumn, Ayantu. Overview Wendy Danny Due to the behavior Jack Torrance displays throughout the film, he would be diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder and schizophrenia. For example, Jack Torrance that seems to display little to no emotion when he is told about the murder occurred in the Overlook Hotel in the interview. As shown in this video: Schizoid Personality Disorder: Schizophrenia: Symptoms of schizophrenia: hallucinations, disorganized speech, and delusions For example, when Jack Torrance storms into the ballroom after fighting with his wife, he sits down at the empty bar and he suffers from the hallucination that there is a bartender serving him alcohol. As shown in this video: This marks the beginning of his psychotic breakdown as the hallucinations become more frequent afterwards. He suffers a second more vivid hallucination shortly afterwards as shown in this video: How did schizophrenia and schizoid personality disorder come about in Jack Torrance? A possible explanation is that one of his parents most
likely experienced problems with schizophrenia because children of one or two parents diagnoised with schizophrenia are at greater risks for devoloping the disorder Another explantation could be that there are several differences in the levels of neurotransmitters within Jack Torrance's Brain because he is a recovering alcoholic. It is well- known that alcohol when taken in large qualities alteres the brain chemistry by altering the levels of neurotransmitters. Winifred Torrence, known as Wendy, was the wife of Jack Torrence and the mother of Danny Torrence. Wendy was the strongest and most brave character in The Shining. She desperately tried keeping "A Big Happy Family" together after suffering from bullying past and present in the movie, which only led to disaster and it became tremendously dangerous for the family. Diagnosis Due to the behavior Wendy Torrance displays throughout the film, she would be diagnosed with Dysthymia disorder. Dysthymia Disorder
People with dysthymia generally experience little or no joy in their lives. Instead things are rather gloomy most of the time. If you have dysthymia you may be unable to remember a time when you felt happy, excited, or inspired. It may seem as if you have been depressed all your life. You probably have a hard time enjoying things and having fun. Rather, you might tend to be inactive and withdrawn , you worry frequently, and criticize yourself as being a failure. You may also feel guilty, irritable, sluggish, and have difficulty sleeping regularly. Symptoms Hopelessness. Helplessness. Feeling worthless. Feelings of guilt and worries over the past. Low self-esteem. Feeling incapable. and Lack of energy. How did Dysthmia Disorder come about in Wendy Torrance? A possible explanation is that Wendy Torrance suffered from abuse past and present and dominance over the family performed by Jack throughout her marriage because of Jack's drinking and psychological problems. She was emotionally damaged, psysically wounded, and mentally stressed. Another explanation could be that Wendy knowing how severe and dangerous Jack's actions can become towards Danny and her, yet she stills in some way accepts jack for who he is and tries to hold the "happy family" together as tight as possible. This situation could possibly develop different personality moods over time for Wendy. Treatment Antidepressants


Talk Therapy Danny Torrence is the son of Wendy and Jack Torrence. Danny is every parent's dream child - he's smart, patient, loving, and kind. Everyone that sees him notices a special quality about him. Diagnosis Danny Torrence has the ability to read minds and see flashes of the past- "shining." Shining is actually considered telepathy which exists in the form of receptor ESP.
Split Personality/DID- "Tony" is a projection of hidden parts of Danny's psyche. Why is Danny the way he is? Danny has suffered through three cases of child abuse.
"Tony" is Danny's method of dealing with the child abuse.
Visions are "psychic reality" of the horror he feels at being left alone with his mother and father. Suggested Treatments Psychotherapy: Talk about disorder and related issues.
Help to understand the cause of the condition. Other: Use techniques like hypnosis to help remember and work through trauma that caused dissociative symptoms.
Creative art therapy- increase self-awareness and cope with symptoms of traumatic experiences. Grady was the first caretaker of the Overlook hotel. He had a wife and two twin daughters. His daughters did not like living in the hotel and tried to burn it down. After this, he felt that they needed to be "corrected". When his wife tried to stop him, he "corrected" her as well. He believed that his wife and children were trying to keep him from upholding to his duties and needed to be punished. This caused him to murder his family with an axe. He later takes his own life with a gun. When Jack becomes the caretaker of the hotel, Grady shows up as a ghost and convinces Jack to murder his family as well. He states that Jack's son must be punished for the same reason as his daughters. He also states that Jack's wife should be punished for being the son's enabler. This clip displays Gary's mistrust and paranoia towards his family as he compares them to jack's family. It also displays his unforgiving behavior towards his daughters for their attempt. Cause The cause of PPD is Unknown. It is common among those who have relatives that are schizophrenic which can mean that there is a genetic link between these two disorders. Since it mostly appears in early adulthood, it is likley that it derives from tramatic childhood experiences. It can be infered that Grady's development of PPD may come from a traumatic experience endured durring his childhood, the isolation he may have felt from being in a remote hotel in the mountains, or the possibility of a family member having schizophrenia. Treatment includes Psychotherapy, talk therapy, and medications such as diazepam and thioridazine.
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