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MO 300

Final Presentation

Alex Rosen

on 24 August 2012

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Transcript of MO 300

The Wellman Group Dustin Cairo, Peter Gao, Carr Lanphier,
Alex Rosen, Tom Stowers Our Background Consulting Firm Based out of Delaware

Hire exclusively from UNC

Place consultants in Holiday Inn

Specialty in resolving negotiations

Hired by fan group to create solutions CBA & League Structure Team Owners
and League Officials Players Unions Monopolistic Power Implication of BATNA's BATNA discrepancy
Necessary in negotiation preparations
Team owners have far more leverage Position vs Principle Claiming vs. Creating Value "MO Money MO Concepts" Video Demonstration The Wellman Group does Stephen Colbert's... Formidable Opponent! "Because the only people truly worthy of our opposition are ourselves!" Lack of Financial Transparency Teams considered as private corporations
No requirement to release financial statements
Ability to manipulate balance sheets
Leads to distrust Lack of Player Alternatives Specialized athletes with few other professional skills
Unaware of potential alternatives to sports Recommendation 1 Recommendation 2 Conclusion Negotiations need to improve Best strategy → Create Value

Congruent, distributive, integrative aspects

Example: MLS free agency Implement Arbitration Current: Mediation with FMCS

Goal: Negotiate efficiently

Recommendation: Implement deadlines with final-offer arbitration Current: No financial disclosure with vertical integration → Positions

Goal: Focus on Interests, Negotiate amicably

Recommendation: Owners open up financial books to facilitate principled bargaining Receive training for different line of work (Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker, etc.) Agenda Establish BATNA's for Players Background of Group
CBA & League Structure
Analysis of Current Problems
Conclusion Create conditional contract with alternative leagues Changes in basic concepts Wellman Recommendations Maximize Joint Value
Owners Recieve: "Small sure gain," Players assume risk
Players Receive: Truth & Larger stake from appreciation Action Steps
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