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IoT Carrier Network in Bratislava

No description

Marcel Hecko

on 18 January 2016

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Transcript of IoT Carrier Network in Bratislava

IoT Carrier Network in Bratislava
Provide PoC WAN network for linking IoT devices to the Internet.
define local standads & technologies used
develop backend
develop middleware
develop hardware
develop front-end
make network and access to data freely available
Current status
- not formalized
in PoC state / working
using LoRa modules on 868MHz CF
testing in progress
own sensor boards (deg.C, RH, LL)
hubs / gateways build on top of Raspberry PI
software stack
written in Python
running on VPS in cloud
in closed Alpha
Python + MariaDB
no front-end
Next steps
Formalize / agree on final architecture
develop PoC front-end (Django!)
build more sensors and distribute them
"build your own gateway" workshop
Long-term goals
trend and anomaly analysis
front-end user accounts + hooks
more sensor boards
use RPIZ for gateways
stream data API
batch data API
Sensor board (NodeThree)
Development Front-End
"Reflow plate"
The Hub / Gateway
star topology
sensors broadcast (TX) only
hubs/gateways RX only
stupid sensors, smart gateways
cloud backend
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