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Grammar Unit 7: Noun Phrases

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Shi Yun Cheng

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Grammar Unit 7: Noun Phrases

What is a Noun Phrase? NP Determiner Functional a, an, the
this, that, these, those
my, yours, his, her, our, your, their
Numbers Det Adv Adj N Oth (Optional) Adverbs Tells us HOW, WHERE & WHEN HOW? slowly, quickly, carefully,
too, very
WHEN? occasionally, recently
WHERE? anywhere, last, here (Optional) Adjectives Describes the noun My new, green, leather, fabulous jacket (Optional) HEAD Noun Word, Phrase or Clause Word: the road home
Phrase: children playing in the sun
Clause: the discovery that the earth moves around the sun (Optional) Can also be a pronoun
Eg: something, those, anyone (MUST!) The hardworking boys finished their
homework in the
afternoon Identify the functions Lesson Objectives By the end of today's lesson, you should be able to:

Identify the different elements in noun phrases (NP) Recap! What have we learnt about NP? NP -> (Det) (Adv) (Adj) N (Oth) IMPT! NP in Apposition (Appositive) 1. Appositives are NP
2. Placed in apposition to (beside) other NP
to add further information Examples of Noun Phrases (NP) 1. the financial newspaper Determiner Adjective Head Noun 2. a very quick discussion Det Adverb Adjective Head Noun 3. the boy from Malaysia Det Head
Noun Preposition Noun A group of words that name people, places, things or ideas

It can consist of either just the head noun or expanded by adding information before and after the head noun. A group of words that can be used as:
- Subject of a Sentence/Verb
- Object of a Sentence/Verb
- Object of a Preposition
- Complement of a Linking Verb Functions of NP What is a linking verb? A verb that does not express an action eg: seem, like, is, feel, became Examples Tom became the class chairman Subject - Tom
Linking Verb - became
NP - The class chairman Identifying Appositives 1. There is a comma before and after the appositive

2. If we remove the appositive, the sentence still makes sense Examples Peter, the boy in the red baseball cap,
got on the school bus. Peter got on the school bus Noun Phrases What is a noun? Your reponsibilities 1. Listen
2. Take your own notes
on a foolscape paper
3. If you have a question,
raise your hand Your Responsibilities 1. Finish Homework
Worksheet (Exercise 1-4) 2. For your next lesson, bring
Homework &
Vocab & Compre Book
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