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Slope-Intercept Form Line Art Project

No description

Jenalee Koch

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Slope-Intercept Form Line Art Project

Unit 3 Final Project:
The Slope-Intercept Form Line Art
Due: Wednesday Feb. 25

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Objective: Create and color a picture, using graph paper, and determine the equation of each line used within your drawing.
Get a piece of graphing paper and design a picture. The picture should have at least 30 lines total. (Picture may include lines that are not straight):
• TEN (10) lines with a positive slope
• TEN (10) lines with a negative slope
• FIVE (5) lines with a zero slope
• FIVE (5) lines with an undefined slope.
Label each line of your drawing with a number from #1 - #30
Determine the equation for 12 out of 30 lines created. You must find the equation of 5 positive slope lines, 5 negative slope lines, 2 zero slope lines, and 3 undefined slope lines.
Color the picture that you created
Complete the attached information for your picture.
Step 5
a. Find the slope of he line using two points. Use m that you found and one of the ordered pairs to find b.
b. Write the equation of your line in slope intercept form
ALL work needs to be shown to receive full credit
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