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Blizzard's Wake: Coming Summer 2014

No description

Ameera Waterford

on 5 August 2014

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Transcript of Blizzard's Wake: Coming Summer 2014

Blizzard's Wake: Coming Summer 2014
Reveiwers are calling it the film of the year!
"A movie both kids and parents will enjoy!" Kirkus Reviews

"5 stars!" - Rotten Tomatoes

"So imaginative!" - Francesco LaRoy, star critic

"It made me feel warm and fuzzy!" - Adele Adkins, performer

"The best movie since 'The Sound of Music!' " - Michelle Obama
"A truly heart-wrenching film"
There will be sadness
By Ameera, Michelle, Griffin, and Corrado
"A real tear-jerker"
Will Kate find closure?
Will she ever forgive Zeke?
Will Zeke make it out alive?
Meet the Cast
Behind the Scenes
Funnier than Despicable Me...
Sadder than the Titanic...
Blizzard's Wake: The Movie

"I'll never be the same,"
Will Hagarty the Cat Get Out?
It all began in 1941, in the city of Grand Forks, North Dakota. A car crash caused Kate Sterling to lose her mother, and it was all Zeke Dexter’s fault. Zeke had gotten an early release from prison after 2 ½ years spent with hard beds and bad food. He decided to take a bus from Bismarck to Grand Forks, where his brother Dwayne lived.
Kate can’t seem to forget what Zeke did to her mother that night after choir practice. She can’t find closure, and misses her mom more than anything. Even after several years, Kate still can’t forgive herself for something she did...

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