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Art World Presentation

What's In A Label?

Erin Boucher

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Art World Presentation

What's Changing?
Alternative distribution methods
> Digital downloads
> Streaming music
Today's Trends
Who Are They?
The "Big Three" labels today are:

What Is A
Record Label?
What's Next?
Record labels must continue to evolve to meet the needs of the artists & the market

A record label is a brand and/or trademark

Record labels are not necessarily companies
They are primarily used to market music but sometimes also do publishing, production, distribution, legal work, talent scouting, and management for music and related media
What's In A Label?
Erin Boucher
The evolution of music marketing
Sony Music Entertainment
Warner Music Group
Multimedia options
> Music videos
> Related media
Recording technology
Independent music is on the rise
Record deals are becoming more flexible for artists
Independent artists may become widely successful without a label
Independent music will likely make up nearly half of the music market in the next 5-8 years
The music industry will become increasingly diverse as it incorporates other forms of media
Universal Music Group
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