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What is the Bermuda Triangle?

I tell you what the Bermuda Triangle is REALLY about.

Alannah Jarjoura

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of What is the Bermuda Triangle?

Do you know what the Bermuda Triangle is? What is the Bermuda Triangle? The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil's Triangle, is located in the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of Ships, Planes, Boats etc have unexpectedly disappeared. What is the Bermuda Triangle? Narrative Information Report Thank you for watching!!! Questions? Fine Arts Description Book Review Week 1 19/7/12
I am very excited about IRT this term.
This week I struggled to get my topic as I kept on changing it but I managed to get a topic. Right now I don't need any help but I might later. I have just finished designing my front cover of my Log Book and I printed out some information. It seems like I'm well on my way. Journal Entries Week 3 30/7/12
Today I am very nervous, because I haven't read half way through my book yet and I need to finish it next week. But I guess it's understandable because I was never that good at reading. The library doesn't have a lot of books on the Bermuda Triangle so I am also worried about that. Week 6 21/8/12
I am starting to enjoy writing my narrative a bit more than I thought I would. The book review is coming a long great and so is the Factual Text. I am starting to get more resources which is good and yeah! By Alannah Jarjoura Pop Art Bibliography Facts The Bermuda Triangle has sunk over 66 airplanes and ships. But the most well-known disappearance is Flight 19. Flight 19 is an airplane that sunk over 30 years ago.
The Bermuda Triangle is a windy yet a sunny place. It's temperature is usually around 60-100+ degrees.
The Bermuda Triangle isn't actually a triangle, in fact it doesn't have an official boundary.
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