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A Special Moment, A Special Memory

No description

Vivian Monrreal

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of A Special Moment, A Special Memory

A special Moment, A special

My Fathers Coaching career.
He began coaching a city league at a very young age with a team called the Westside Sundevil's in 1996.

It wasn't till 2006 that he created his own team called the Westside Cobras.
Tyler Reid Thornburg
My father first coached Tyler and his twin brother Cody with the sundevils in 2005.
Diagnosed with Leukemia
In the summer of 2007 Tyler was diagnosed with Leukemia, and a new cobra season had begun.

Tyler looked forward to recovering and heading to practice for another great season.
The Beginning of a Memorable Season
Tyler passed away a few days before the teams first game of the season.
Tyler's passing gave the team a greater bond and a more reason to make it to the little bowl (championship)
The teams motto was "Mental, Physical and Heart"
The teams strength and bond allowed them to become undefeated.
The Little Bowl

The cobras were losing 24-0, with 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter.
All of a sudden the cobras began scoring with a little time left on the clock.
The score then became 24-20 with only 11 seconds left.
We had to do an onside kick in order for us to obtain the ball and make one last play.
Tyler got to play with the Cobras for a year in 2006
Tyler's Jersey Number was always #55
However on August 20th, Tyler passed
away at age 11.
On each game Tyler's number was spray painted in the center of the field.
During the onside kick, the ball hit the helmet of a player of the opposing team, whose jersey was #55.
The cobras then recovered the ball with 9 seconds left.
The quarterback of the cobras then threw a 40 yard pass to the wide receiver who evaded two defenders and ran in to score.
Call it miracle or call it luck
....you decide.
The team played against the Tarheels for the championship.
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