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Changes by 2pac

No description

ben renton

on 6 March 2011

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Transcript of Changes by 2pac

General tone of music Changes
by Tupac Rap The general tone of the song is calm and relaxed
because the beat is not sad or gloomy. General tone of lyrics The tone of the lyrics are defensive and argumentative because Tupac talks about racism and cops treating coloured people like the mean nothing. |Although his voice is calm and relaxed the lyrics show how angry he is. About the artist Tupac Amaru Shakur
was born on June 16, 1971
in Brooklyn New York.
He was shot to death in Las Vegas
in 1996. He was a rapper, an actor and a dancer. General theme The general theme of
this song is that police brutality, drugs,
gang violence and racism is wrong
and that it needs to stop. Artist's position on the theme I think Tupac wrote this song because all this violence and injustice was happening to him and his friends. Evidence There is one part in the song
where he talks about his friend
Huey, saying there needs to be a change.
Then Tupac says "two shots in the dark
now Huey's dead!" Rhyme scheme Abba is the rhyming scheme how is this song affectivE? This song is affective because it is a
catchy song and it has a great beat likes dislikes the beat the words the theme nothing! The End
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