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Build a Strong Online Portfolio in 9 Steps

A strategic approach for designing a portfolio and building a site in WordPress

Filiz Efe

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Build a Strong Online Portfolio in 9 Steps

Why do you need a portfolio site? a portfolio to get clients potential employers
potential clients
opinion leaders in your field What do they want to see? landing a proper job
finding new clients
building your name
professional networking Who will be checking out your portfolio? 2 Define the Scope & Type of your Work Design the portfolio you think your clients want to see. the quality of your work
your involvement
your strengths
how your work can help them in their business
your contact information Include a bit of your personality! What type of work are you looking for? make it relevant
keep it simple
promote your best work who you are
what you do
your qualifications/skillset
your achievements 3 Optional: downloadable resume Describe Yourself in 100 Words Behance Network
Coroflot Portfolios
Deviant Art
Carbonmade Promote your Work
SEO: make your site searchable,
Use measurement tools,
Include a link in your email signature,
Include a link in your Facebook profile
or any other community you belong to,
Add a blog to your website,
Participate in multiple portfolio-based communities
to build your reputation and network with others. 1 Define your Professional Goals & Target Market a portfolio to get hired What type of portfolio will meet
your needs? a portfolio to build reputation 4 Build your Site Design your Content Provide a Clear Means of Contact Your portfolio is not an archive of your work! What is your focus?
Who are you talking to? simple


well documented
number of downloads
highly rated
up to date Update and back it up on a regular basis! 5 Choose the Right Theme 6 1- Get your domain name and a web host that supports WordPress.
2- Download & install WordPress with 1-click.
3- Read the documentation or just jump in.
4- Choose a free portfolio theme or buy one.
5- Improve your site by installing free/paid plugins. Use WordPress as a CMS About Me
My Work
Contact Me mobile friendly Avoid visual clutter;
let your work shine! common navigation Post your Content 7 8 Maintain your Site Use proper wording and meta tags 9 Promote and Leverage your Work Build a Strong Online Portfolio in 9 Steps A strategic approach for designing a portfolio
and building a site in WordPress by FilizEfe | filizefe.com University of Washington | 2011 required tools: pen & paper required tools: a computer & internet email
phone number
contact form Don't forget a backup plugin!
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