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LPS Career Education 2011-2012

4 Year Public Colleges and Universities

Zach Owens

on 10 August 2012

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Transcript of LPS Career Education 2011-2012

Family Feud
4 units of Math
What do you look for in a College/University?
What do you think of when you think of college?
Why Go to College?
Make Money
How to Apply to College?
Take the ACT or SAT
Complete online application
Pay application fee
Request official transcript be sent
Types of Admission
Assured Admission
Admission by Review
Early Decision
Admission Requirements
Depends on school
Private based on subjective review
UNL based on high school academics
How to Pay for College?

Work Study
How do you get a scholarship?
For superior academic performance
Class rank at end of Junior year
ACT or SAT score
Activities and Leadership
Living on Campus
Some colleges require you to live on campus your Freshmen year
The College Experience
What College is Like
Learning about Life!!
What should I be doing next?
Junior Year
Get involved....
Prepare for ACT/SAT
Go to College fairs (Fall and Spring)
Take ACT/SAT in April
Make your college selection!
Thank you for your time!
What are the requirements?
Type of School
Size of School
Size of Town/City
Area of Study
Involvement & Services
What we will talk about today
Why Go to College?
What do you look for in a College/University?
How Do I Go to College?
How to Pay for College?
The College Experience
What should I be doing next?
Senior Year
Take AP course
Take ACT/SAT again to score higher
Select at least 3 schools to apply to
Public or Private
Big, Medium or Small
College is all about BOTH!
Apply for scholarships
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