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Chapter 18 - Industry and Immigration

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Margie de Quesada

on 27 November 2017

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Transcript of Chapter 18 - Industry and Immigration

Chapter 18
Industry and Urban Growth

Becoming American


Explain this cartoon

Typewriter - Christopher Sholes
Camera - George Eastman
Vacuum Cleaner - John Thurman
Coca Cola - John Pemberton
Sewing machine - Elias Howe
Electric lightbulb - Thomas Edison
Car - Henry Ford
Plane - Wright brothers
Between 1860 and 1900 - the government issued over 400,000 patents

Important Inventions

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty

-The statue was a gift from France to celebrate America’s centennial and to promote friendship

Immigrants were forced to assimilate

Entering America

Eastern coast - Ellis Island in NYC
- Processed European immigrants

Most immigrants came on steamship in low decks crammed with people - called steerage

Journey to America

Tenement Living

- Many people lived in tightly packed apartments called tenements

Unions Organize

- Working conditions

Changes in the Workplace

Carnegie’s Beliefs

Andrew Carnegie

- Most famous railroad baron

Cornelius Vanderbilt

Between 1860-1915 about 25 million immigrants came to the U.S.


Streetcar System - Richmond, Virginia
New Technologies in Cities

- Rockefeller soon formed a trust, a group of corporations managed by a single group of Board of Directors (called trustees).

John D. Rockefeller

- Dominated the oil industry

Grand Central Station


Why was there an industrial boom in the east coast?
Transatlantic telegraph cable - Cyrus Field
Telephone - Alexander Graham Bell
- Used a process called horizontal integration
- His company, Standard Oil Company of Ohio, became the most famous corporate empire
- Morgan combined the Carnegie Company with his and formed U.S. Steel Corp. (the world’s first billion dollar corporation).
- He later sold his company to J.P. Morgan.
- Used Vertical Integration to make his fortune
Child Labor
- Sweatshops
Brooklyn Bridge
10 story Skyscraper - Chicago
1st Suspension bridge
Subway system - Boston, MA
Trolleycar System - San Francisco, CA
Western coast - Angel Island in San Francisco
Processed Asian immigrants
Laws were passed not allowing immigrants and requiring people to be literate
Some people believed in nativism (native people are better than immigrants)
Ethnic neighborhoods formed
- It was shipped over in 350 parts and assembled by 1886.
- Due to a lack of money, France agreed it would build the statue if America would build the pedestal.
- It was designed by Fredric Bartholdi and Gustav Eiffel.
- Invested in railroad and iron business. By 28, he ruled the steel industry
Section 2 - City Life
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