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positioning & branding

access media

ana reventós

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of positioning & branding

positioning traditionally brands were just a guarantee of the product's functionality but now it is not only about how it works but about WHAT IT REPRESENTS Benetton, the first one to ideologically position in controversial matters but of course it is not the only one anymore others even take it towards a more ironical perspective, able to laugh on the world and themselves. And be treated as a brand El consumidor cada vez es más poderoso. Y EXIGE bidereccionalidad. Apple, the brand of those who think different brand strategy brand foundation It is about:
describing a clear profile of its identity
(and message) To:
establish clear behavioral patterns To obtain:
A unique perception from the public. Anchorage
& origins point of difference imaginary
consumer personality values Strategic Concept El consumidor cada vez es más escéptico. Y demanda TRANSPARENCIA y responsabilidad. El consumidor cada vez es más impredecible. Y las marcas son VULNERABLES a las modas. and it still does it 1.
Fit 2.
value 3.
uniqueness 5.
sustainability 4.
credibility porque? para darle sentido y coherencia
para homogeneizar su discurso
para optimizarla What makes me different?
Which are my advantages? field of
competence What do I do? What do I know? What can I do? To whom do I exist?
Which are their interests, expectations, needs...? If I was a person, how will I be? Where do I come from? What's my story? What do I believe in and fight for?
Which are the main values of my mission? mission What do I fight for?
Which is my commitment to my public and my environment? Main message from the brand
Heart of the proposal marketing/branding = potential to seduce They are symbolic forms of representation they personify values, lifestyles, attitudes, groups' belonging.... ¿Es la marca la manifestación más seductora, poderosa y manipuladora de una compañía? Positioning is a result coming from different perceptions & experiences "the best ad we ever did for Apple is the apple Store"
Lee Clow / Chiat Day branding is about building perceptions and identities and a brand strategy must involve many perspectives Marcas que son símbolos.
Empresas donde todo es marca y la marca lo es todo.

Y eso condicionará sus relaciones con el entorno BRANDING They talk about the image of a product BUT ALSO ABOUT OUR OWN IMAGE (as users) brands represent identity 5 basic ideas A positioning is built by many different perceptions, coming from different sources. The place where an idea (or a brand) is in our mind. what happens then in our over-communicated society? be simple be different be relevant be coherent ? ? ? ? Our future positioning will be built on people's perceptions, based on our behavior and our product's realities. Is about managing a positioning brands adopting social & political positions. and that leads to almost anything to become a brand people countries NGO's museums & of course, films (to follow) an example:
Video for Joan Salvador Gavina Center for children (named upon "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach) Anchorage & origins It is the first daycare center for children with psycho-social and family problems created in Catalonia.
It opened in 1978, thanks to the implication of diverse people sensitive about the marginality & poverty of the Raval district in Barcelona. Then, reality was far different, means where limited and good will was their main driver.
It described as a non-profit social initiative from Christian inspiration. Its aim is to help children with risk of social exclusion.
It was named after the Richard Bach's novel of a seagull who looks for better reasons to fly than just getting food: to discover, to be free etc.
It was constituted foundation, and it's funded by donations from people, companies and some government grants. Field of competence point of difference imaginary consumer personality mission values strategic concept learning to fly Daily direct action with Raval's children and their environment (day center for educational support) to:
- stimulate & promote their personality development
- assist their socialization and integration to avoid risky situations to be damaged.
with social sensitivity campaigns within the city to:
- raise society awareness on the unfair social situation of those children, and their lack of opportunities As pioneer center, open and rooted in its community:
- Its story: 25 years collaborating in the neighborhood, pioneer in Catalonia and very well established in the area.
- its field: involved with the fourth world, tied with a very specific community, with concrete conditions (immigration, multiculturalism...)
- its description: A so called "open center", with its concrete features: not a school not a leisure center.
- its size: Small institution, close to people, like a family. As educative project: the child as unique person and with the capacity of choosing:
- Individual treatment (thru a personal educational project)
- Involvement: every child as protagonist on his/her own educational process (he/she chooses, rejects, puts limits on every aspect)
It is a sample of what we call Participatory & Active Pedagogy that believes on boosting the individual discovery of each one capacities and virtues (independently from social condition) We direct our efforts towards children & teen from the Raval area, who need an special help and support to grow with the opportunity of a better future. To become better persons in a better society.
And also, to their families, many of them affected by what are called social risk situation such as: instability, drug abuse, penal problems, illiteracy etc. With a great % of immigrant families.
Our support will also help in their integration. But we want to communicate to the people of Barcelona, to make them aware of the difficult situation some children (& families) have in our own city. To raise some sensitivity.
We would like them to become involved in the well-being of us as society. To take part.
* Women & Men, living in the city. Middle class and superior educational. Over their thirties. Have children of their own. Show some with some social conscience and sensibility. They might be collaborating with other social organizations with volunteer work or thru donations.
* Companies. Involved in the area. Specifically those related to children's market. Ready to invest in Corporate Social Responsibility. A middle aged women. Open. Respectful. Tolerant. Progressive. Cultured.
A realistic person, involved in her reality and ready to take a step further. Active.
Positive, someone who looks at the future with optimism. Sees the bright side of things.
With some personal values strongly rooted and always willing to defend what she believes in. But also ready to listen to others' opinions.
Ready to teach and open to learn. UN declarations of the rights of the child, Principle VII: "The child is entitled to receive education, which shall be free and compulsory, at least in the elementary stages. He shall be given an education which will promote his general culture and enable him, on a basis of equal opportunity, to develop his abilities, his individual judgement, and his sense of moral and social responsibility, and to become a useful member of society". To give children an education that allows them, in their diversity and cultural richness, to fully develop as persons, and integrate themselves in society with equal opportunities. Right of Education
Equality of opportunities one brand = one position environmental issues support to specific political parties or candidates standing with social protest's movements New brands are philosophies of life Everything communicates
Anything helps to create an image. REFERENCES:
- Al Ries & Jack Trout: "Positioning, the battle for your mind", Mc Graw Hill, 2001
- Wally Olins: "on brand", Thames & Hudson, 2003
- DDB springboard: brand foundations.
- Own work for Centre Obert Joan Salvador Gavina, 2005 THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION more complex relationships with consumers (and society)
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