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The three states of matter

No description

Mackenzie Marcello

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of The three states of matter

Matter By Mackenzie Marcello There are 3 important states of matter,they are a solid,liquid,and gas. solid gas . Freezing A solid has a definite volume and a definite shape. Solid The particles that make up a solid are packed very closely together. The particles in a solid slightly move and vibrate. A liquid has a definite volume but no shape of its own. Liquid A liquid takes shape of its container. The particles in a liquid are packed as closely as in a solid. Gas A gas can change its volume very easily. The particles in a gas move at a high speed and spreed in all directions. The gas particles fills all the space available. Changes of states of matter! Vaporization is when a liquid turns into a gas. Vaporization Freezing is the change of state from a liquid to a solid. Vaporization takes place when the particles in a liquid gain enough energy to form a gas. Freezing is when a liquid changes to a solid. The change from a solid to a liquid is melting. Melting In most pure substances ,melting occurs at a specific temperature is called melting. Condensation Condensation takes place when the particles of a gas lose enough thermal energy to form a liquid. Atoms Elements The basic unit of a chemical element is a atom. Cookies are a solid. Water is a liquid. The hot air in a hot air balloon is a gas. The ice on a ice burg is freezing. Water rising in the air is vaporization. When you take a shower on the mirror there is condensation. A element is a pure substance that can not be broken down. Gold is a element. Compound A compound is a pure substance made of two of more elements chemically combined in a set ratio. A example of a compound is silver and sulfur. Homogeneous Mixture A substance that is uniform in composition is a definition of homogeneous in Chemistry. The mixture is so evenly mixed that you can not see the parts. Lemonade
is a
mixture. Heterogeneous Mixture In chemistry, a mixture is a material system made up by two or more different substance which are (mixed) together but are not combined chemically. A salad
is a
mixture. Mass and Volume Mass is the amount of matter in an object. Volume is the amount of space that matter occupies. weights show mass This container shows how much volume it can hold. Energy Potential energy-is energy stored in a person or object. Kinetic energy-is the energy of moving matter. This shows potential energy. This shows kinetic energy. Forms of energy Mechanical energy is the energy of movement. Chemical energy is the energy that is stored in the bonds between the atoms of compounds. Electrical energy is the energy of moving electrons. Electromagnetic energy is energy that travels through space as electrical magnetic waves. Thermal energy is the energy moving atoms together.Heat is thermal energy. Sound energy is the energy that travels in the waves through matter from a vibrating object.A microphone produces sound energy. Nuclear energy is energy released in a nuclear reaction. A nuclear power plant is nuclear energy. Mechanical energy Chemical energy Electrical energy Electromagnetic
energy Motion,Speed,Direction Motion the action or process of moving or being moved. Speed rapidity of movement or action. Direction is the way a person or object is going. During the egg drop speed was taken place when you dropped the egg to see how fast it was going. During the egg drop motion was used when the parachute was falling down to the ground. During the egg drop direction was used when, the way the parachute was heading when it was about to go to the ground.
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