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Cairo: My City, Our Revolution

No description

Lanie Gleeson

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Cairo: My City, Our Revolution

Cairo: My City, Our Revolution
Do Now
Revolution: an overthrow; the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed
Cairo: My City, Our Revoution
Arab Spring
Poverty, government corruption, political repression, and unemployment
Partner Work
Reread the story and answer the following questions on one piece of paper.
With one other group, have the following discussions.


Write a fictional account of a

Questions to keep in mind:
Why is there a revolution? Is it violent or peaceful? Who started the revolution?
1. WHY does Soueif go to the protest? Use SPECIFIC evidence from the text.
2. What words does in lines 24-31 help readers understand Soueif's attitude towards the events? Cite the words.
3. Why does Soueif write about Cairo now? Use text evidence.
4. How does mentioning events that previously happened in the revolution help readers understand how meaningful the present revolution is? Use at least one example from the text.
Why does Soueif change her mind about going home? Discuss how she feels about her decision to join the revolution. Use text evidence in your discussion
How does the description of her decision to join the revolution impact readers' understanding of the revolution?
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