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Subliminal Persuasion Myth

Mallory Young and Maggie Andrea

Mallory Young

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Subliminal Persuasion Myth

IV Subliminal Persuasion: Does it work? Video Quiz of subliminal messages James M. Vicary Study on subliminal message of eating popcorn and drinking coca cola
Research was never published
Entire study was considered a hoax Theory and Terminology Subliminal priming: placing a prime before a participant without them consciously knowing it is happening
Theory: The presence of the motivation to drink (i.e., being thirsty) is essential for subliminal priming of a brand of drink to be effective (Strahan, Spencer, and Zanna 2002) What makes this study different? Previous studies neglected the a crucial condition: the presence of motivation to drink (being thirsty) STUDY 1 IV IV: Priming condition tested through a "visual detection task" DV Why choose Lipton Ice? Coca-cola is considered to be a sweet drink
Participants are not habitual drinkers of Lipton Ice STUDY 2 IV: amount of thirst (dropje given)
IV: Priming condition received DV DV: choice between Lipton Ice and Spa Rood
DV: intention to drink Lipton Ice Level 1:
Lipton Ice Prime Level 2:
Neutral Prime DV: Effect of priming on participants based on their choice of Lipton Ice vs. Spa Rood
DV: Level of thirst
DV: intention to drink Lipton Ice Take Home Message A subliminal prime, or message, of a specific means to accomplish ones current goal will positively influence a person’s actual choice for that particular means. Basically, exposing individuals subliminally to the brand name of a drink increases the probability that they will choose this drink, provided that they are thirsty. What examples of subliminal persuasion can you think of? Design of Study Study 1:
61 students were paid 1 euro to participate
Randomly assigned to one of 2 groups
Given a visual detection task to mask the actual prime Study 2:
155 students were paid 1 euro to participate
Randomly assigned to one of the 2 x 2 between participants design
Given the same visual detection task as in study 1 Status of Myth Confirmed?
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