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Volcano Mind Map

3 types of Volcano, Intrusive Forms, Extrusive Forms, Stages and Molten Material

joanne goh

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Volcano Mind Map

Molten Material magma Molten Rock that Lies beneath the surface of the earth lava lava is what magma is called when it reaches the suRFace BASAltic
Rich in magnesium
low viscosity (thinner)
fast movement
oozing explistion
constructive volcano
High viscosity (really thick)
slow movement
rich in silica
destructive volcano
Nuee Ardente:
Super heated, denser than air deadly volcanic gases.
another name for a cloud of ash, lava fragments carried through the air, and vapor. (Essentially any materials blasted out of a volcano) Pyroclastic Materials Lahar mudflow caused when a volcano's heat rapidly melts ice and snow on slopes of volcano Volcano which is no longer active. No chance of future activity.

Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
Mt Warning (Australia) ExtinCt currently inactive but could possibly erupt in the future.

Mt Baker (Washington, USA)
Mt Hood (Oregon, USA) doRmant AcTIVe shows signs of rupturing therefore allows hot magma, ash, and gases to escape

Kilauea, Hawaii
Mt Hekla, Southern ireland Crater Caldera Plateau Composite - (also known as Strato Volcanoes)
- formed by alternating layers of cinder and ash. formed on subduction zones
lava is mixture of andesitic and basaltic
large width/ girth
moderate slope
explostions are extremely violent.
gives off a lot of pyroclastic material
mudflows (lahars) are frequently triggered as heat from the volcano melts the snow/ice above. Cinder - formed by andesitic lava ejected from the cone - found on continents
- grows rapidly
- steep sides (30/40degrees)
- narrow neck is plugged
- explode violently from the sides
- sides are composed of alternating layers of cinder/ash Shield - formed by many layers of basaltic lava only - huge in size
- broad shaped
- gentle slopes (10-20 degrees)
- lava runs freely
- predominantly in ocean floors extrusive forms - large volume of lava that covers existing land forms - flat, rocky land - a large volcanic crater created by a violent volcanic explosion or implosion the top of the volcano Baccolith
- huge storage of magma several km thick
- magma cools in vertical crack Sill
- magma flows between layers of sediments and hardens in horizontal pattern laccolith
- dome of igneous rock that forms big enough volume of magma to raise the landscape created by:
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