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3 Progressive Presidents

No description

Spencer Harkey

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of 3 Progressive Presidents

3 Progressive presidents. Theodore Roosevelt, Republican 1901-1909 -Roosevelt thought the government should manage the environment and food and drug industries.

-He wanted to protect the middle class from big business while still accounting for the demands of the unions.

-Roosevelt led the way in increasing the government's participation in the economy.

-He was a bit of an outdoorsman so he always tried to protect the environment and use it's natural resources responsibly.

William H. Taft, Republican 1909-1913 -Taft tried to do everything different than Roosevelt almost as if he was trying to anger him.

-Taft was Roosevelt's handpicked successor, and Roosevelt believed that Taft would maintain many of Roosevelt's reforms. But he didn't. Woodrow Wilson, Democrat 1913-1920 -His domestic program expanded the role of the federal government in managing the economy and protecting the interest of citizens.

-The New Freedom is the policy of U.S President Woodrow Wilson which promoted antitrust modification, tariff revision, and reform in banking and currency matters. The Progressive Era was an age of reform. Its effects touched all Americans and changed the role of government in American society.
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