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Stained Glass Window -

No description

Katie Brompton

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Stained Glass Window -

Stained Glass Window Collaborative Artwork -
Brief 1

The most important thing to focus on in a stained glass window is the MESSAGE of the story being illustrated.

What message do the pictures and images tell?

Your task is to select one biblical passage and identify its meaning. You will then need to identify how to convey this message visually (using images).

The Message
You have been approached by a PHD student at Sheffield University to design a collaborative stained glass window artwork. You must consider the following areas....
The Scenario
When creating a stained glass window you should consider what shape is must appropriate for your design and why?

You could select one of the following:


Things are shaping up..
Consider the visual impact of your design.

Try to portray the information in creative and interesting ways to ensure that it attracts the attention and imagination of the viewer.
Traditional vs. Contemporary?
Success Criteria
In order to achieve within this task you must...

Work collaboratively with your partner to distribute tasks and discuss ideas.
Produce a stained glass window design which responds creatively to your chosen theme.
Finally, your design should demonstrate accurate drawing skills and you should explore materials effectively.
In pairs be able to present your ideas with the class and explain your decision/design process.
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