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Explorer Report

Explorers! :D

braulio melchor

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Explorer Report

My Explorer Report! Explorers
-Samuel Chaplain
-Henry Hudson
-John Cabot
-Jacques Cartier
-Ponce de Leon
-Hernan de Soto MY EXPLORER REPORT! Pictures! By: Braulio Melchor Henry Hudson's Route Henry Hudson Samuel Chaplain John Cabot John Cabots route Juan Ponce de Leon Juan ponce de leon Hernan de Soto John Cabot John Cabot claimed some land of what is now Canada. John Cabot and a lot of other explorers were trying to find a northwest passage to Spain for riches and lots of spices. Giovanni Cabot was his real name. But the English called him John Cabot. In 1497, Cabot sailed Columbus's route with a crew of 8 men. He found the Indies. Henry Hudson Henry Hudson made 4 voyages to find the northwest passage. A comany in England paid for the firt 2 of his voyages. In 1608, Hudson reached Greenland. He id not find th northwest passage. He claimed a river of what is now New York and called it Hudson Valley for the dutch. Hudson's crew mutinied (rebelled). Hudson and 8 others were sent adrift and were never seen again. Samuel Chaplain Samuel Chaplain was hired to find a settlement for the French. In 1608, Samuel found Quebc. Most French people were not interested in moving to north America. By 1625, the population in Quebec had only increased by 60! Jaques Cartier In 1535, King Francis sent the French navigator Jaques Cartier so he could try finding the Northwest passage. The king also told him to look for gold. He claimed some land all around the St. Lawrence river for France. He never found gold or the Northwest passage. Juan Ponce de Leon Ponce de Leon sailed with Columbus on his second voyage. Ponce de Leon wanted to find the fountain of youth that its water supposedly turned old people young. He also found what is now Florida. He got injured in a fight against Native Americans and died later. Hernan de Soto In 1539, de Soto and 600 men sailed from Cuba to Tampa Bay. Later, they became the first Europeans to see the Mississipi river. They often fought Native Americans and turned bloody. In 1542, de Soto died of a fever and of 600 men of his crew 300 survived. The other 300 died of starvation. Thanks for Watching! :D
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