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Writing into the Day - 10th

No description

Elizabeth Tillery

on 15 March 2017

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Transcript of Writing into the Day - 10th

Writing into the Day

Draw a set of concentric circles on a piece of paper (See diagram to the right). The circles represent the society in which
is set. Place the main characters from the play in position within the concentric circles to show the relationship of each to the mainstream society in the center.

The Outsider

Writing into the Day

Write an essay analyzing the rhetorical strategies Truth uses to appeal to her audience at the women's rights convention in 1851.

News arrives that the ghettos are being liquidated and that all residents are being transported. People have less than twenty-four hours to prepare to leave their homes and travel to an unknown location for an unknown
amount of time. Reflect on how you would feel in this predicament. You may also write on a topic of your choice.
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