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Don't Talk to Strangers

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joseph cummington

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Don't Talk to Strangers



Don't Talk to Strangers: Foreigners and Immigrants in England
Leaving England
England afraid of Catholics and Foreigners
Made it difficult to travel - had to get a pass to travel
Queen brought people back
English people were encouraged to read books instead of traveling
Foreign Invasion
English had a reputation for hating "strangers" and were "suspicious of foreigners"
English government was afraid the English people would buy foreign goods and be impressed by the Catholic faith
They feared the foreigners would steal the english jobs
First Turkish official didn't arrive until Queen Elizabeth's death
Christian Europe didn't like them because of their faith
English people feared the Turkish Empire know as - "The Ottoman Empire"
Term 'Turk' was considered an insult

First Africans arrived from Guinea in 1550 with an English Explorer
Queen Elizabeth thought there were too many and sent them back to Africa in 1601
Shakespeare was one of the first playwrights to create a leading role for an African man- Othello
Jewish people
Because of lack of job opportunities provided by the English, Jewish people became money lenders
Jewish people acted Protestant and went to English churches (Protestant Church of St. Olave's) but practiced their religion in secret
To show one was a Jewish person on stage, they would wear a red wig or have a big nose
more info
England Church said the Jewish were the murderers of Christ
Jewish people were secretly liked by the merchants and government because of their Spanish knowledge and connections
Armadas and Armdos
Spanish hated for politics and religion
Spanish were considered very bad in an English mindset
Spanish were feared as the greatest political and military power in the world
Dutch and French
Dutch and French Protestants expected to be welcomed with open arms but because of timing they weren't
They were envied for their skilled workforce
English imposed restrictions on them - ex. higher rent and curfews
They were blamed for anything that went wrong in the city
The Dutch and French immigrants taught the English people skills like knife making, silk weaving, copper mining, and starching linen
1. Practical Englishmen preferred to avoid the expense and hassle of travel and to do what instead which led to misinformation?

2. Elizabethan institutions supported derogatory notions about Jews, including the Church which held what beliefs about the Jews?

3. The Spanish were feared and envied by the English because of what belief about Spain?
1. Instead of traveling, the English people were told to read books about the places. The books just reinforced these stereotypes.
2. Elizabethan's thought the Jewish people were the murderers of Christ.
3. Spanish were feared because they were seen as the greatest political and military power in the world.
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