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The Five Strands of NC Social Studies

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Carol Sherrill

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of The Five Strands of NC Social Studies

The Five Strands of NC Social Studies
Think like a HISTORIAN as you examine written records to understand the past.
Looking through the lenses of Social Studies
Think chronologically
Understand historical events.
Conduct historical research.
Geography & Environmental Literacy
Think like a GEOGRAPHER as you examine the Earth's physical environment and habitat
Identify physical and human systems.
Understand the world in spatial terms.
Analyze historical documents.
Analyze the impact of Human-Environment Interaction
Think like an ECONOMIST as you analyze, interpret and predict future trends in the economy.
Economics & Financial Literacy
Understand the concepts of economics
Analyze domestic and economic trends.
Practice personal finance literacy skills.
Think like a POLITICAL SCIENTIST as you understand the foundation of America's political system.
Civics & Government
Analyze international affairs.
Participate in civic life and government activity.
Interpret social practices across cultures.
Understand how people's behaviors change over time.
Investigate artifacts.
Think like a CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGIST as you examine humans past and present.
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