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Nigerian Project

No description

Precious Shonde

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Nigerian Project

Musicians Nigerian Food Facts About Nigeria How to play "LUDO" Nigerian clothes The materials used to make these type of clothings are lace, adire, jacquard, and ankara. Nigerian clothing for women include:
Buba- is a loose blouse that reaches down a little below the waist.
Kaba-a single-piece dress, which can have different styles.
Iro-the bottom part of clothing, which is a rectangular piece of cloth that is wrapped around the waist.
Gele- a headgear. Gele is a headgear. It is a rectangular piece of cloth that be tied in different ways to give different looks.
Iborun-a scarf that is either tied around the neck or just can be put diagonally across the body.
Nigerian clothing for men include:
Buba-a loose shirt that goes down till halfway down the thighs.
Fila-a traditional cap.
Sokoto-pant or trouser, which covers the lower part of the body.
Abeti-aja- another type of cap, which has longer sides.
Agbada-a festive clothing comprising buba and sokoto. Nigeria's map and Flag Wizkid - Wizparty, Pakurumo
Davido - Gobe, Ekuro
Iyanya - Kukere, Ur Waist
Ice Prince - Aboki, Oleku
Skales - Mukulu, Komole
Dr.Sid - Over the moon, YOLO
Tiwa Savage - Kelekele Love, Oma Ga
D'banj - Oliver Twist, Fall in love
Olamide - Stupid Love, Omo to Shan
ELDee - Ota Mi, Today Today
Psquare - Alingo, Chop my Money
Banky W - Sun Mo Mi, Baddest Boy
Wale (He is an Ameriacan artist but he is Nigerian)
Niyola - Turn Me On, Don't Delay Me
May D - Sountrack, Gat Me High
ShayDee - O Poju, I Want Nigerian Culture Some Nigerian foods that I know about
is meatpie,sausage roll, eba, fufu, chin chin, puff puff, akara, jollof rice,fried rice, iyon, white rice with red stew, efo, plantain, igbo eba, buns, beans, yam, egusi, moin moin, nigerian cake, nigerian pancakes,fish roll, and scotch egg. Nigeria is located in West Africa.
Nigeria's capitol is Abuja
The largest city in Nigeria is Lagos. It has a population of 7,937,932 and a covering area of 385.9 square miles.
The most richest black women in the world is from Nigeria.
Nigeria has the second largest economy in the world.
Nigerias Independence Day is on October 1, 1963.
The currency in Nigeria is Naira, to make a dollar over here, you need 160 Naira.
The languages spoken in Nigeria is Yoruba, Igbo, and Pidgin English.
Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa and it is the 8th most populated in the world.
There are more thean 250 ethnic groups in Nigeria. There are three main tribes called Igbo, Hausa, and Yoruba.
Nollywood (Nigeria movie industry) is the second largest producers of movies in the world.
Ogun State has the most registered universities in Nigeria.
The longest bridge in Africa is in Lagos State (in Nigeria).
Nigeria's president is Goodluck Jonathan. 1.Roll the dice
2.In order to get out of the box, you have to get a 6. E.G. 6,4
3. When you get out of the box you have to move how many spaces it tells you to move. E.G. 6,4 then you move 4 spaces.
4. If you get a double 6, you roll again. E.G. 6,6.
5. While you are going around and someone lands on you, then you have to go back to your box.
6. Whoever gets all of their pieces inside the box first wins. Precious Shonde
Period 4
5/21/13 Nigerian Instruments:
The talking drum
igba drum
Nigerian Flute
armpit drum
ivory horn
These are few of the Nigerian Instruments. Bibliography Bibliogrphy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talking_drum
http://www.total-facts-about-nigeria.com/nigerian-instruments.html Nigerian Dances Some Nigerian dances that I know of are Kukere, Azonto, Alingo and the traditional dance.
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