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Copy of Clean Nuclear Energy

No description

al strangeg

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of Clean Nuclear Energy

Clean Nuclear Energy As the world's population grows the need for energy grows. This need for power has caused our world to become
very polluted by unclean energy sources... One alternative is nuclear energy, a cleaner way to produce mass amounts of energy using a nuclear reaction. This equation is for Uranium 235 Fission The products of this reaction are a nuetron that collides with U235 causing the Uranium atom to split. The most common atom used in that reaction(nuclear fission) is Uranium The reactants of this reaction are
Barium137+Krypton97+2neutrons+Q---Q is the amount of energy created. This reaction will start a chain reaction of Uranium fission. What I learned... Nuclear energy is a very clean and reliable energy source. Nuclear energy has the ability to make a massive amount of energy using very little resources. U235+n---->Ba137+Kr97+2n+Q Though nuclear fission is very effective at producing energy, people are concerned that it is in fact dangerous and believe it is too expensive and would rather invest in wind and solar energy. Impact on me... I find it amazing that something that sounds so dangerous
is actually a clean and safe way of producing energy. There's a chance that where we live is powered by nuclear energy because 15% of the world's energy is nuclear Real Life Application This information relates to the real world because...
we are experiencing an energy crisis and are in need of an alternate energy source that is cleaner then coal.
nuclear energy was once 6% of our power and now it's 15% meaning it's going to become more and more a part of our lives as more plants are built. References Nuclear fission. (2005, March 22). Retrieved from http://www.kutl.kyushu-u.ac.jp/seminar/MicroWorld3_E/3Part3_E/3P33_E/nuclear_fission Nuclear energy. (1996, October 26). Retrieved from http://library.thinkquest.org/3471/nuclear_energy.html Beutler, B. (2009, March 2). Low enriched uranium. Retrieved from http://www.brianbeutler.com/2009/03/low_enriched_ur/
Pros and cons of nuclear power. (2007, January 11). Retrieved from http://timeforchange.org/pros-and-cons-of-nuclear-power-and-sustainability hOW IS nUCLEAR eNERGY pRODUCED? U235+n=U236
Ba137+Kr97=U234, then +2n=U236
This equation is balanced mass wise,
but it releases a massive amount of energy,
which can not be accounted for in mass.
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