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United States

No description

Eric Colman

on 29 August 2018

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Transcript of United States

United States
United Kingdom
Freedom Rating- 6.5/7
Poltical Rights- 7/7
Civil Liberties- 6/7
Political rights vs Civil Liberties
Poltical rights have to deal with the role the government plays for the people, but civil liberties have to deal the rights or the power of the citizens.
United States
Freedom Rating- 1/7
Poltical Rights- 1/7
Civil Liberties- 1/7
United Kingdom
Constitucional Monarchy
by Jared, Eric, Charles
The United State is one of the oldest democracy, it is also a presidential republic. Which means the president serving as bothe head of state and head of government. Its people benefit from a vibrant electral system, a strong rule-of-law tradition, and robust freedoms of expressions, and religious beliefs.
Freedom Rating- 1/7
Poltical Rights- 1/7
Civil Liberties- 1/7
The United Kingdom, being a monarchy, is designed to be free of corruption. Britain has freely elected individuals, making it not persausive. It has multiple parties in office, and two different houses that balance each other. Britain also has freedom of religion, press, travel, and employment.
Cuba's dictatorship and communist rule caused much mismanagement in the island. The government has control over all the resources and businesses in most of Cuba.
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