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Backward Design for Authentic MYP Assessment

No description

Craig Mclaren

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Backward Design for Authentic MYP Assessment

Backward Design for Authentic MYP Assessment
From Theory to Practice
What does an MYP classroom look like?
Encapsulates your MYP unit of work

Be a visual representation of your unit question

A dynamic environment

A learning resource

Visible Thinking and Interaction
MYP Assessment
MYP assessment practices provide opportunities for students to show what they understand and how they can apply knowledge and skills through real world problems
Authentic Asessment
Assessment is authentic when we directly examine student performance based on worthy intellectual tasks (Grant Wiggins)
The MYP in Action
The Areas of Interaction
- class activity where students formulate an agreed definition of each of the areas of interaction

- establish a common understanding of the areas of interaction within your subject and classroom

- classroom reference and visible thinking strategies
Authentic Assessment
The MYP in Action
The areas of interaction - Open ended assessment
- group students and/or your assessments by AoI and/or AoI guiding questions (published in your subject guides)

- students select the AoI relevant to their summative assessment task

- students select the AoI student learning expectation
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