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Establishing and maintaining formal writing for 8th grade.

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Tori Bellington

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Establishing and maintaining formal writing for 8th grade.

Establishing and maintaining formal writing for 8th grade.
Tori Bellington
Why do we use formal writing?
We use formal style writing to make an objective observation, to state facts and for academic writing.
Formal vs. Informal

"I think..."
Conversational tones
Rhetorical Questions
"One may think..."
No Contractions
Formal tones/complex words
No Rhetorical Questions
Give me some examples of where we could use formal writing?
Business Letters
Watch Out!
A lot
You and I
Research Papers
Formal Letter Writing
Rules of Formal Writing
1. Don't use first or second person
2. Don't use rhetorical questions
3. Don't use contractions
4. % should be used only when preceded by a numeral
5. 11 or Eleven?
Spell out 1-9, fractions and school grades
Use numerals for 10 and above, numbers that follow a chapter or table, and for large numbers
6. No stage directions
7. Do not be redundant
8. Try not to use abbreviations
9. Don't end sentences with prepositions
10. Use parentheses the right way
Listing numerical information and making an equivalent
Da Bomb
Work Cited
Writing Your Own Formal Resume
Go to:
After you have completed your quiz fill in your first and last name and a zip code (74354)
DO NOT put an email address
Uncheck the box about receiving emails
put no answer for education and leave the rest blank
Then continue to the next page
When the ad pops up click the link to continue to the results
Choose one of the careers suggested at the bottom of the "Your Interests" section
Begin a resume as if you were trying to apply for this job
Once you have a rough draft resume we will break into groups of 3-4 and peer edit.
Once your resume has been edited by at least TWO peers you may begin a final draft.
Need to Know Vocab
a short form of a word or word group that is made by leaving out a sound or letter (Don't, Can't, Shouldn't, etc.)
Rhetorical Questions:
asked in order to make a statement rather than to get an answer
a word or group of words that is used with a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to show direction, location, or time, or to introduce an object (in, on, around, with, etc.)
repeating something else and therefore unnecessary
How will you use your new knowledge of formal writing effectively in future situations?
What can be changed to improve your formal writing for the future?
How could you select information should be used in formal writing?
How would you design a formal resume?
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.8.1d Establish and maintain a formal style.
In Case You Forget!
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