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Henry Hudson

Alexis Orla and Erika

alexis pellegrini

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of Henry Hudson

Henry Hudson was an English sea explorer and navigator in the early 17th century. Impact Death
Henry died in 1611.
Nobody really knows how but all we know is that he got betrayed by his own crew. Him, his son and more people got sent away on a boat. He was never seen again. Henry Hudson sailed on the Hudson River. The river is now named after him. Henry Hudson then ended up in now what is called New York. He made a new trading post there. He sailed for the Dutch. The Hudson River was a major trading place for the trade of Manhattan he was not successful trying to find the Northwest passage. Henry Hudson's first voyage Henry Hudson's first voyage was in the year 1607. He traveled around Greenland in search of the NorthWest passage. Henry Hudson was born in 1570 in England. QUIZ!!! 1.What year was Henry Hudson born?

2.Where was Henry Hudson born?
C:England Henry Hudson's second voyage 3.In Henry Hudson's second voyage did he find the Northwest Passage. ^^^^Here is a picture of Henry Hudson's voyages Information on Henry Hudson By: Orla, Erika, Gerald, and Alexis ^^^This is a picture of Henry Hudson Henry Hudson's second voyage started in the year of 1609. Henry Hudson sailed into the Delaware Bay. In 1631 Delaware's first settlement began and lasted two years.

Henry Hudson still did not find the passage he was looking for(the Northwest passage) , but Henry Hudson did bring back important maps of the Great Barrier Reef and photographs of the various people he met on his journey. Answer Key! Thanks for watching!!!:) A. Yes
B. NO 4. Where did Henry Hudson end up trying to find the Northwest Passage? Question 1: B
Question 2: C
Question 3: B
Question 4: C A. Asia
B. What now is the state of Florida
C. What now is New York 5.when did Henry Hudson die?
C:1611 6.During henry hudsons first voyage what was he looking for?
C:the north west passage to Asia
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