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staci guillen

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of ENERGY

Amya Taylor,Kevin Pineda, and Staci Guillen

Solarenergy.net , Powerscorecard.org, energysavingtrust.org,

Energy Crisis PBL
By Amya taylor, Kevin pineda, and Staci guillen

The state of Texas is trying to determine the best energy resource to invest in for the next decade. Texas policy makers will be participating in the FCCLS and need more information in order to be prepared for this meeting. They need to know: Can the energy needs of Texas be fulfilled completely by sustainable energy? They want to know if biomass,geothermal or solar resources are the most sustainable and economically feasible
solar energy research
The Sun provides the earth with light,heat and radiation.The Sun is the primary source of renewable energy.When sunlight strikes the PV cell,chemical reactions release electrons,generating electric current.The small current from individual PV cells can power individual homes.These cells don't need direct sunlight.They can still generate electricity on cloudy days.The sun is a free ,endless supply of energy. Average cost in Texas is about $17,100
supplies and tools
solar panels
charge controller
battery charger
2 AWG cable
12 volt marine deep cycle battery mechanical lugs
1 power inverter
1 rubbermaid tote or other container
1 battery charger
cable cutters
red electrical tape
screw driver
crecent wrench
Pros and Cons
environmentaly friendly
Good ailability
Reduces electricity costs
Many applications
Financial support from government/state
Low maintenance
Techology is improving
energy storage is expensive
Exotic materials
Requires space
Geothermal is power drived from the earths internal heat.This energy is contained in a rock and fluid beneath the earths crust.Its found several miles below the earths surface . Geothermal power plants capture the energy with hydrothermal convection.This is a system where cool water goes into the earths crust,it is heated up, then steam rises to the surface. The steam is then captured at the power plants. Average is 3,000 per kilowat
You should choose Biomass Energy because it's a renewable low carbon fuel.It's production and use also brings additional enviromental and social beneifts.To convert Biomass into Biopower, the most common way is to capture the energy from biomass is to burn it to make heat.Since the Industrial Rev. this biomass fired heat has produced steam power, and more recently this biomass fired heat steam power has been used to generate elecricity.
Biomass Boilers
Biomass Boilers are used for hot water and heating, the average cost of the hot water and heating is about $11,000. You can save up to $12,000 a year on getting a biomass bolier.
For boilers, an automatically fed pellet boiler for an average home costs between $7,000 and $13,000.
You have to take care of your boiler by sweeping it regulary to remove ashes.
This kind of stove uses logs or pellets to heat a single room.The average is about $4,300 (includes installation).
saves money
cheapest out of all other resources
increase in jobs
always availible
no pollution
no power interuptions
Reduces the need for fossil fuels
It is easy to get
Has a secondary product (crops)
Can reduce help reduce landfill size and waste
We can be less dependent on foreign oil
Can be converted easily
Low costing
Unused land can be put to good use
pros and cons
doesn't cause alot of pollution
environmentaly friendly
considered most renewable
smaller than other types of energy's
government offers tax credit
good for cooling and heating
available everywhere
can cause earthquakes
very expensive
earth has to be drilled
very hazardous to workers
can't be transmitted
not many places you can build a power station
power plants may run out of steam for decades
large land consumtion
specific locations
Boiler Stoves
Pros and Cons of Biomass Energy
Exhausts the gas cleaning technologies
Can be expensive to collect
Causes deforestation
Will raise food prices because of it
Will need a lot of water
Pollutes the air
Causes health concerns
Causes radiation cesium
Establishing a power plant can cost $1,400 to $1,500per kW including exploration and drilling.
The GHP system costs $2,500 to $5,000 per ton of capacity.
The estimated total for all expensives are $20,000
How Biomass Boilers Work
Keeping Care of it
we choose solar energy because...
Thanks for
watching :)
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