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The Record Producer

Cr.7 and 8 Unit 3 Summative (Music Career)

Chelsea Seecharan

on 15 August 2014

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Transcript of The Record Producer

By: Chelsea Seecharan
The Record Producer
Pioneering Record Producers
Record Producer Contracts
How do People Become Producers
- A producer is in charge of the majority of the important aspects of the song such working with the band, session musicians and the studio engineer to ``produce`` the sound recordings
Job Description
Becoming a Record Producer starts with a love of music and a skill of some type of musical performance.
-Often the producer`s job is to provide an extra set of ears meaning the ability to apparently learn or appreciate music(e.g. with the ability to distinguish off key and off-pitch music) in order to produce a certain sound and/or to provide experience
-This may be involved with arranging tracks or even writing it
Most of this career`s roles may include selecting the artist and song, as well leading and managing everything having to do with tracks and/or albums
Understanding the set-up and operation equipment and the roles of the engineers and others who work to produce recording.
What also is needed to be known is how the recording industry works, including the legal aspects of contract and copyrights, as well as the business aspects of working with musicians
In addition, the most difficult and challenging part of being a
record producer is staying within the intended budget, being a
when managing, creating, and directing albums for artists. This is a crucial component of what makes a successful record producer.
-The producer should be familiar with the latest digital equipment and computer software used to record, mix, and master music
-Helping the audio engineers in the mixing. mastering, and recording process is also part of the job
Personal Characteristics
-A Record Producer must have the ability to make sure to work within the assigned and/or intended budget
-Must have outstanding management skills once it comes time for the creation process of a song
So, in other words create recording on time and within budget
It is greatly crucial that the person has a distinctive musical ear, and knows upcoming trends when it comes to music, so what the target audience ay be interested in - to be willing to buy the track and/or album
-Most producers will be paid a flat fee/advance for their week, some will also receive points - a percentage of the dealer price of a record and/or a share of the profits made form the recordings. It`s extremely common for producers to receive both
- A producer may work for a reduced up front fee in exchange for some points, or may secure a fee plus points, if they feel their production will be important to the record`s success. Initially some producers may work for free to build up work but top producers can be very well paid
Although, if they are involved in the songwriting process, they can expect what is called royalties on top of their production fees
-Needs to be capable to lead and collaborate with others
- Has a distinctive musical ear, and knows upcoming trends when it comes to music, so what the target audience may be interested in - to be willing to buy the track and/or album
- A producer may be on a recording company`s staff; furthermore, they could possibly earn an annual salary around $27, 00 to $ 75,00
Nevertheless, multiple music producers choose to work independently and privately, so if they work hard and end up successful, they could earn an annual salary of approximately $1,00,00!
- There is no need for any formal education to become a producer, nevertheless background knowledge regarding the creative process, experience, and notable business skills are key to being prosperous
- Though multiple record producers tend to take post secondary courses
- Music training can be obtained by accomplishing to get a degree even at just a two- or four year college
- For instance, George Martin, music producer for the Beatles studied at he Guildhall School of Music in London and played oboe professionally before going to work for a studio as a producer of classical music
- People who are hoping to become a record producer may e able to get a degree with a concentration in music production, music business, or sound engineering, but future producers will be more then that. Here are some subjects studied. Here are some subjects that are studied:
Musical History & Theory
Song Writing
Ear Training
Copyright Law
Artist & Product Management
Music Publishing & Distribution
Marketing & Advertising
Finance & Accounting
- Music producers often start as sound engineers. While sound engineers don`t need a college degree, courses in using recording equipment, along with the sound and music production can be helpful. To succeed as a music producer, knowledge of different styles of music well is important.
- As with all aspects of the music industry, contracts are greatly significant, because it lets everyone know where they stand and what is expected for them
- For example, an engineer may feel they`re `producing`the session - the band may not. A band may expect the producer to oversee recording, mixing, and mastering but the producer may be only expecting to work on the recordings. These issues along with the fees and points are more easily discussed before recording begins, and a contract can clear up any misunderstandings
- Traditionally workers become producers when beginning work as an engineer in studios or sometimes as session musicians, this helps producers gain experience in the studio environment
- As a producer, they probably would be working with a recording engineer most of the time, but is unexpected to know their way around a mixing desk
- Most record producers start out at home until they gain a reputation, however studio experience is very valuable
- Working at production skills in the bedroom is a good way to start, and try and gain work experience at a local recording studio. This is what new record producers tend to do once they first start off
GEORGE MARTIN (with the Beatles)
Known as the fifth Beatle. Working with The Beatles he invented many studio techniques still used today
- There are some very few producers that have been credited with effectively and positively changing the way music sounds today
Joe Meek
- As well as pioneering numerous production trick he was an ``electrical`` whiz who built some of the equipment he used
Phil Spector
- Used multiple musicians playing the same parts to create the ``Wall of Sound`` production style
- Developed many multi track recording each string on Angus Young`s (AC/DC) guitar on separate tracks for their seminal
Back in Black
Robert Lange





It is as powerful, alluring, and inspiring.
It draws an emotional effect whether joy, or despair. Music feeds ones soul and mind. It expresses what cannot be spoken. Without music, life would be a mistake~Friedrich Nietzsche~. Teaching us five lessons; hard work & perseverance, passion & curiosity, respect-for yourself and others, ubiquitousness & universality, and esteem & influence. When people who work in the music industry create a song, they develop it by relating & expressing to their personal life and feelings. For instance, Taylor Swift says that once she breaks up with her boyfriend she writes a song regarding the situation to express her feelings (also it becomes the next BIG HIT)! This allows people when listening to this music to relate emotionally. In addition, people may look at music as if it is only what you could make profit on, although music is what entertains people, it helps people also to realize the important things in life!!
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