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6th Grade Elements of Poetry

No description

Maggie DesPain

on 7 January 2016

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Transcript of 6th Grade Elements of Poetry

-Poetry is the type of literature in which the rhythms and sounds of words are as important as their definitions

6th Grade Elements of Poetry
-The voice that narrates a poem = speaker

-The speaker may present a unique point of view that is not necessarily the point of view of the poet.
-The beat created by its pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables.

Types of Figurative Language
-Repetition: The use of any element of langauge- a sound, word, phrase, or sentence-more than once Ex. Click/Click/Click

-Alliteration: The repetition of similar consonant sounds at the beginning of words Ex. Sally sells sea shells by the shiny sea shore

Onomatopoeia: Use of words to imitate sounds. Ex. Whooshing Wind
Connotation and Denotation
Denotation: Literal, dictionary definition

Connotation: Consists of the ideas and feelings that the word brings to mind.

Meaning and Tone
-Tone is the writer's attitude toward his or her subject. A poem's tone can uaully be described in one word, such as joyful or lonely.
Structure of Poems
-Poems are arranged in lines or groups of words, that help create rhythm.

-A stanza is a group of lines that work together to express a central idea.
-Repetition of sounds at the ends of words

Ex. Sun/Fun or Dog/Log/Hog

-Rhymes follow a particular pattern or rhyme scheme. For example ABAB
Types of Figurative Language
Forms of Poetry
Narrative: Poetry tells a story in verse. Narrative poems have elements similar to those in short stories, such as plot and characters

Haiku: three-line Japanese form that describes something in nature. The first and third lines each have five syllables and the second line has seven
Forms of Poetry
Forms of Poetry
Forms of Poetry
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