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The Odyssey: Book 11

No description

Olivia Darrow

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of The Odyssey: Book 11

The Odyssey: Book 11
By: Olivia Darrow

Literary Devices
* Personification
"They drifted up to the pit from all sides with an eerie cry, and a pale fear seized me" (11.40-41).
* Simile
"You seek a homecoming sweet as honey, shining Odysseus, but a god will make it bitter, for I do not think you will elude the Eathershaker, who has laid up wrath in his heart against you, furious because you blinded his son" (11.97-101).
* Personification
"And death will come to you off the sea, a death so gentle, and carry you off when you are worn out in sleek old age, your people prosperous all around you" (11.132-135).
* Foreshadowing
" But your wife will not bring about your death Odysseus. Icarius' daughter, your wise Penelope, is far to prudent" (11.461-462).
* The island of Hades

* The black ram

* Ghost of Elpenor

* Tiresias's prophecy

* Stories of the dead
The Black Ram
* black is associated with death

* mood is dismal and depressing from start

* death is necessary to see the dead

* the ram encompasses the death that surrounds the island

Greek Culture
* Oratory
"Your words have outward grace and wisdom within, and you have told your tale with the skill of a bard- all that the Greeks and you yourself have suffered" (11.377-379).
* Piety
" I called my men to flay the slaughtered sheep and burn them as a sacrifice to the gods, to mighty Hades and dread Persephone" (11.42-44).
* Hospitality
"Do not send him off, then, too hastily, and do not stint your gifts to one in such need. You have many treasures stored in your halls by grace of the gods" (11.348-351)
The Gods
* Persephone
"Then the women came, sent by Persephone, all those who had been the wives and daughters of the heroes of old" (11.227-228).
* Zues
Most tales of the women and heros
* Poseidon
"But the Earthshaker took Enipeus' form and lay with her in the swirling eddies near the river's mouth" (11.244-245).
* Poseidon
* Odysseus
"Son of Laertes in the line of Zeus"
Theme Statement
Book 11 of The Odyssey shows that even mighty heroes must search for help and be obedient to the help they receive through Odysseus seeking out Tiresias for help and later trying to carry out what Tiresias told him. It also shows that even the most cunning fierce warriors feel grief and love for their family. Odysseus is willing to go to the island of death to make his journey quicker to see his son and wife again
Obedience and Family
Discussion Questions
Why do you think that Elpenor's ghost is the first to appear and not Tiresias? Why is it significant?

Hoe would Odysseus's journey have been different if he had not spoken with Tiresias?
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