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Elements of Art & Principles of Design

No description

Rikki Nye

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Elements of Art & Principles of Design

Rikki Nye Emphasis Movement Balance Contrast Unity Rhythm
Pattern The point of focus, or interruption, is the start of the coil in the plant where your attention is drawn to . It's a break in the rhythm that the needles create. line Point of Focus The viewers eyes are pulled from the right to the left
of the picture. Where they can then see the space that
is created with the different textures. Texture Start Line Finnish Line Depth Leading Lines The lock doesn't overpower the entire picture and is positioned horizontally along the top most line it the "rule of 3rds'' with leading lines towards it. The organic rocks that occur naturally and the unnatural
chip bag have a great different in elements, textures,
and the color that is reflecting off the chip bag create a
great contrast. Various Textures Color Refection The picture as a whole has the sense that all of the parts are working together to achieve the common result of completeness and harmony. The picture has movement with a path/line which the eye follows the arrangement of predictable shape. Line: the bricks create a line that allow the eye to move from the bottom left to the top right of the picture Shape: the flatness of the picture makes it two dimensional with positive and negative space Form: with the shades of light the apples they seem three dimensional Texture: with the change in light you can imagine what the leaf would feel like Value: there is a great scale from black to white with shades between Space: there is foreground, middle, and background in the picture with how it's layered Color: you can see the reflection of the light off of the stone Elements of Art & Principles of Design
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