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The Lost Hero - English Presentation

ORB Project

Dallin Earl

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of The Lost Hero - English Presentation

ORB English Presentation
By Dallin Earl The Lost Hero photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Rick Riordon Written by: Summary Would I Recommend "The Lost Hero"? At the beginning of the book, Jason wakes up on a bus without any memories of anything. He doesn't know anybody around him at all, and he doesnt even remember himself, even though everybody seems to know exactly who he is. Despite the feeling he has that something is wrong, he quickly gets to know his supposed best friend, Leo, and his supposed girlfriend, Piper. Weird things start to happen. They get attacked by storms spirits and other crazy monsters that they didn't even believe in, and the three friends learn that they are half-bloods: half human, half god. Even though Jason doesn't specifically remember ever learning this before, he knows that all of this sounds familiar. Piper, Leo, and Jason are brought to Camp Half-Blood, which is the camp for Greek demi-gods, where they are clamed by their godly parents. Shortly after arrival, they leave on a quest to save Hera in response to a great prophesy. They do not know where the queen of the gods is, but they are given three days to find her before the king of the giants will awaken and certain destruction will await the gods. They run into many trials and obstacles, escaping death many times, and little by little, Jason's memory is restored to him, and in the end they save many lives including Hera's. It turns out that Jason is Roman, not Greek, and is from a different camp that is supposed to be unknown because they hate eachother, but Hera switched Jason with a Greek half-blood in attempts to bring together the two sides to defeat the giants. Characters Jason Grace Leo Valdez Piper Mclean Hera Coach Hedge Enceladus There were three main characters in this novel: Other major characters included: Literary Terms Good Writing Enceladus is one of the antagonists in this book. He is a part of the army of giants led by "Mother Earth" herself (who happens to be evil). Enceladus is relative to Piper in this story because he is holding her father prisoner and is speaking to her in dreams telling her that if she does not betray her friends, he will destroy her dad. The three go to save Piper's dad, and when they encounter this giant they find a 30 ft. tall firebreathing beast. From the waist up he looked like a ripped human with bronze skin and an ugly face with glowing white eyes. Dreadlocks topping his head were braided with bones. The bottom half of him was scaly green with claws instead of feet, like a dragon. He held a spear the size of a flagpole. He was extremely dangerous, but underestimated the three demi-gods. Giants can only be killed by both god and half-blood, and that's how they got rid of Enceladus. Jason called for a bolt of lightening from Zues which traveled through him and into the giant which kills it. Hera, or Juno in Roman form, is the queen of the gods. He is the god of marriage and is married to her brother, Zues. She is very loyal to Zues (being the goddess of marriage) and she doesn't have any half-bloods of her own to do her bidding, so she has the reputation of hating them. Mostly, she is just jealous of the other gods, but this becomes a problem for the demi-gods because she has never treated them well and at times this thought demotivates them from saving her. She is very self centered and disrespectful to mortals like all gods, but she can be kind and helpful on occasion. Hera is very powerful, but when trapped, she was completely powerless and relied on the half-bloods to save her. Gleeson Hedge is a Satyr, or a faun in Roman form. From the waist up, he has the attributes of a regular human. However, he has the legs of a mountain goat, which gives him supernatural abilities to climb mountains and scale seemingly impossibly steep walls or cliffs. Satyrs have the responsibility of being a protector of the demi-gods until they reach Camp Half-blood safely. The reason he is referred to as Coach Hedge throughout the book is because when the book begins and they are traveling on the field trip as a class on the bus, Hedge was the football coach of the school and kept the students in line. He always carried a giant club with him made out of a tree branch. He was extremely short and not very smart, and had the crazed mindset of always wanting to fight, but it seemed that throughout the story, he never got his chance. He was over 100 years old, but since Satyrs age/mature half as fast as humans, that really only made him around 50 in human years. Jason is one of the most important characters in this book. He is the unofficial leader of the quest becuase everybody turns to him in times of need and in sticky situations. This is partly because since he has already been through all of these kinds of situations before, just not remembering them, his reflexes and instincts are able to show him important things and give him prompts to necessary actions. He is the son of Zues, or Jupiter. He had sky blue eyes and short blonde hair, and there was a little scar on his upper lip that Piper thought was cute. His face was gentle but always seemed sad. Details of Jason Raised by a Roman mother wolf named Lupa, Jason learned early to show no fear or he would be eaten. Zues, his father, fell for the same human twice: his mother. But the second time, Zues was Jupiter, in his Roman form. Since Roman demi-gods were left at the wolf den, Jason was seperated from his sister Thaila, put in the possession of Hera as a gift so she too can have a half-blood do her biddings, and is raised by Lupa who relentlessly and mercilessly trains him. The reader slowly finds out about Jason's life before the field trip at the start of the book as the story unfolds and Jason's memory slowly returns. Early on, it is obvious that Jason has had serious battle training because even without memories, his instincts take over and he knows exactly what to do and how to use his gold coin weapon (When the coin is flipped, if it comes up tails it turns into a gold spear, and when heads, a gold sword). He also proves to be unaffected by being hit by lightening, and can even control it at times. He can control the wing and air around him, and tell it what to do so that he can fly, and he saved many people by doing so. As the leader of the group, he is often stressed out by situations and decisions, but always knows that he must do his best to be brave and fearless. Throughout the book, he is also confused to the point of reaching insanity as he struggles to bring back the memories that Hera stole from him. He figures things out along the way and puts it all together in the end. Jason is a smart, courageous, and powerful half-blood, who helped saved the gods from certain destruction. As the daughter of Aphrodite (the goddess of love), Piper automatically has the gift of being completely beautiful without having to try at all. She is described as having chocolate brown hair cut choppy and uneven, and not wearing any make-up like she was trying not to draw attention to herself. Her eyes changed colors from brown to blue to green "like a kaleidoscope." Piper never liked attention from people, and ironically, even as the daughter of Aphrodite, hated being beautiful. At one point in the story, her godly mother zapped her with the gift of Aphrodite which applied perfect makeup, gave her a dress, and perfected her choppy hair, and no matter what she did she could not mess it up; she hated it. Something called the "mist" was laid upon her giving her memories at the beginning of the book that she never had, like being Jason's girlfriend. This was the work of Hera. Details of Piper She has the ability to "charmspeak": she can easily persuade people to do things she wants them to do for her just by asking. She used to steal cars and other things just by asking people.
Throughout the book she battles her dreams/visions as they tell her to betray her friends. She feels she has the choice of saving her dad or Hera, but luckily they are able to save both.
She fights her emotions when thinking about how her whole relationship with Jason never really happened, but she starts to fall for him anyway.
She never had a strong relationship with her dad, who was a famous movie star; she often felt neglected or forgotten even though her dad loved her very much. She didn't like the attention she got when people found out her dad was famous because she felt it was all fake attention. Leo is the son of Hephestus, the god of fire, crafts, and blacksmiths. Relating to this, he is always nervously tinkering with little nuts or bolts because he was always working with his mother in the repair shop until she died. She was killed in a fire accidentally set by Leo himself. In his youth, Leo had a weird and mysterious babysitter that often encouraged Leo to do dangerous things. She turned out to be Hera in the end, and she was preparing Leo for the future with her odd actions. Details of Leo Ability to summon/shoot/cover himself in fire
Immune to fire
Owns a magic tool belt that can summon any basic tool he needs
Can built anything he sets his mind to
Can even build absent mindedly, just tinkering with metal items Simile Metaphor Hyperbole Personification Onomatopoeia Speaking of Enceladus, the giant:
"His face was crudely shaped, like a half-finished clay figure, but his eyes glowed white..." "He was sure no demi-god could solo this guy. Porphyrion could lift mountains."
Porphyrion was another giant, even bigger than Enceladus that Jason fought at the end of the book. "The satyr was a pastel nightmare."
Aphrodite struck the three friends again with brand new outfits, and Hedge's was especially colorful. The author describes the surroundings as the three heroes enter a creepy building.
"A faint glow peeked through the breaks in the curtains." "He heard bursts like tracer fire, the sound of metal being cute to shreds--and BOOM. Leo blacked out."
Leo had accidentally trespassed on King Midas's property, triggering the intense security system. Good Writing The canyon was bigger and wider than you could appreciate from a picture. They were up so high that birds circled below their feet. Five hundred feet down, a river snaked along the canyon floor. Banks of storm clouds had moved overhead while they'd been inside, casting shadows like angry faces across the cliffs. As far was Jason could see in any direction, red and gray ravines cut through the desert like some crazy god had taken a knife to it. Explanation This passage shows very good writing because of the literary devices used throughout the piece to capture the readers attention and allow him or her to relate to the book and to feel like he or she is a part of it. Many similes and other deep types of description add to the imagery of the scenery. Comparisons were used to relate and contrast certain things and put them in perspective. The author paints a complete picture, using many details and including senses for the reader to imagine and feel like a part of it. I would recommend this book to anybody who is looking for a relaxing and entertaining read that is easy to understand and filled with humor and surprises. I enjoyed it because it kept me awake at all times; new things can be discovered in each chapter, and it becomes very hard to put down.
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