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Renishaw Hall & Gardens

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on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Renishaw Hall & Gardens

The Sitwells have lived at Renishaw Hall since the early 17th century when the original manor house was built for Robert Sitwell, which today forms the heart of the present day hall. Located only 5 minutes off the M1 motorway in Derbyshire, yet the epitome of an ancient country estate, Renishaw Hall has attracted artists, writers and artistic figures for generations, drawn to the grounds by its unique atmosphere and the creative family who live here. Many have heard of the literary accomplishments of the Sitwell ‘Trio’ – Dame Edith, Sir Osbert and Sir Sacheverell, who lived in or regularly visited Renishaw Hall. Dame Edith Sitwell (1887 - 1964) was a grandly eccentric poet and novelist, described by one observer as “an altar on the move.” Sir Osbert Sitwell (1892-1969) wrote prose, poetry and also many short stories and novels. Sir Sacheverell Sitwell (1897-1988) was well known for his work on art, architecture, ballet and travel. Whilst remaining a family home, Renishaw Hall’s present owner Alexandra Sitwell allows film and photo crews extensive access to areas of her house, gardens and estate, offering outstanding and unique filming and photo opportunities for all shoot requirements. Step outside and the equally impressive side of Renishaw Hall is its incredible Italianate gardens, designed by Sir George Sitwell in 1895 and as striking today as they were at the turn of the 20th century. Yew hedges and pyramids, Gothick Temples, bluebell woods, water features, stone statues and incredible pieces of art create a fine array of backdrops, from the formal stately garden with its compartmentalised ‘green rooms’ and stunning planting display throughout the year, to the wild woods full of mystique and natural splendour. "The Trio were three writers who have added lustre to the family name"

– Sir Reresby Sitwell The beauty of the Renishaw Estate lies in its perfect size: whilst a considerable country estate featuring natural and manmade structures – some elegant, some rustic in appearance
– Renishaw is of a scale which allows a day’s shoot to cover many areas. Small teams and crews with lightweight kit won’t need a vehicle on site, for the walk from one edge of the estate to the other taking in the key sites, is little over a mile. Wander down to the lakes and pass an ancient gatehouse, relics of the Industrial Revolution and take the atmospheric path around the water’s edge and look back at the grand outline of the hall with steep, green fields in the foreground. Renishaw Hall and its landscape offers film and photo shoot crews a splendid and fascinating house and estate, oozing with opportunity and intrigue, to form a malleable - yet hugely significant - backdrop for any artistic requirement. We can offer your crew in-house catering for one up to several days’ shoot, and we recommend excellent hotel accommodation just 2 minutes by car

Changing rooms and kit storage available, ample parking

The hall and gardens can be hired out of season or when closed to the public by appointment

We offer competitive rates and a flexible hiring availability, all excellently located off the M1 motorway, only 2 hours drive from London, 1 hour from Manchester. "Renishaw Hall is the most exciting place I know"
- Rex Whistler Important Information Please contact us on 01246 432310 or email enquiries@renishaw-hall.co.uk to discuss your requirements. We look forward to hearing from you The house with its Jacobean core is both stately and homely, with formal reception rooms filled with grand tapestries and priceless furniture, to more intimate recesses and functional servants’ quarters. There’s even a vineyard to recreate scenes more common to continental sites! From the striking ‘Gothick’ façade of its exterior and the columned Front Hall with its incredible John Piper murals, to the intimate warmth of the Library or the grandeur of the Red Dining Room, there’s a wealth of fabulous locations to shoot.
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