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Compass Activity

No description

Nathan Pitner

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Compass Activity

Questioning Menu How to ask better questions
How to help students participate in partnering Next Steps Partnering Asking quality questions less teacher
telling more student
feedback shift to real
content Needs
To protect time in classrooms and planning to help ideas grow
PD on questioning and ideas
Affirmation, freedom, and support through specific feedback during implementation
Direction Excitements
Building community
Trying new things
Reducing teacher talk
Understanding developmental expectations for partnering
Structure and freedom in gradual release of responsibility
It's a big mountain, but willing to climb
Optimistic, but long way to go Systems that:
Differentiate PD
Create and Protect time for team growth
Network and support each other practically Connections between themes, topics, and students' lives

Transferring learning from theory to practice

Synthesizing and sharing knowledge

Evidenced visibly Profound Learning Is... Today Affirm all we're doing
Introduce the questioning menu by pointing out:
the importance of questioning as a focus

the way menus fit with our direction

the balance between learning and implementation
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